Chapter 40: Time too soon

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Part I:

The instant I said those words, Sky reached out to my shoulder and pulled me towards him. I barely heard what my own grandfather was saying on the other line as his lips covered mine.

I kissed him back, one hand going up to grip his hair and kept him in place.


I pulled away from Sky for a moment, remembering how to breathe as I answered the phone, with Sky still nuzzling my neck.

“Yes?” I responded breathlessly.

“If what you’re saying is true – ”

“It is.”

“But…Ryne, my dear – ”

“Do you want to talk to him?” I looked into the deep, green, glazed eyes of Sky’s as I waited for an answer.

“Yes. Give him the phone.” he said in a curt voice. Uh-oh. Without hesitation, I did. Sky straightened but his hand continued to caress my cheek.



He held breath as he listened, waiting for the voice to come out on the phone and to his ear.

“Just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Sir – ”

“I told you, La Brea. For God’s sake. Is a simple instruction so hard to do?”

“I never intended for this to happen, sir. Believe me – ”

“I ordered you to bring my only granddaughter to me and – ”

“I will, sir. I promise I will.”

“You better.” Then the line went dead.

He shrugged. Well, that was easy.


I touched his hand that was holding my face. “Well? What did he say?” he threw the phone on the bed and came to me. “What? I really can’t remember.” then he kissed me again, and I felt him smile against my lips. But when one of his hands started gripping my hair, I felt the mood shift.

At that kiss, I felt something melt inside that hurt in an exquisite way – all my longings, all my dreams and sweet anguish, all the secrets that slept within me awake. Everything was transformed into something enchanted. Everything made sense.

The room was dim, despite the early hours of the day and he slowly lay me down on the bed, still in the kiss and took off his shirt.

It’s obvious we won’t be having a word said for the meantime.

Part II:

The maelstrom. The maelstrom inside me is beating the living shit out of me. I drew the covers higher up to my chin. That was the most glorious mistake – that doesn’t feel much like a mistake – in my entire life.

Sky sat up, his chest bare and he ruffled his already messy hair. For one second, he gazed practically nowhere then he looked at me.

To be honest, he looked adorably disheveled.

He started smiling slowly and I can’t help but smile myself, then I covered my face with the blanket. I started giggling. He said amusedly while chuckling, “What’s supposed to be funny?”

“You should ask yourself.” I answered right back. Then he asked me, “Wait, you’re 17, right?”

I looked up at him and gave him a withered look. “I’ll be 18 in less than a month. Just a few more weeks.”

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