Chapter Five

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"How do we get onto the platform?" Brooke asked Neville nervously.

"You walk straight at the wall between platforms nine and ten." Neville said, pointing. Smiling at the twins, he added, "Best do it at a bit of a run if you're nervous." 

Looking back at Neville like he'd lost his mind, Fred and George ran towards the wall.

And disappeared.

"Okay, come on." Arthur grabbed Ginny's hand, and they ran through the barrier.

"Here goes nothing." Brooke said, following her husband and daughters.

Shaking his head, wondering if this was indeed Fred Weasley, Neville hurried to catch up.


"Okay, we'll see you at Christmas." Brooke said. "Try and branch out from each other. Especially you, Fred."

"She's not Fred, I am!" one of the twins, nobody really knew which, said.

"Honestly woman, you call yourself our mother." the other one said. 

"Oh, sorry George." Brooke hugged the twin she was referring to.

"Only joking." Fred said. "I am Fred." 


"She's not Fred, I am!" George heard someone say indignantly.

"Honestly woman, you call yourself our mother." A slightly different, but basically the same, voice added.

"Sorry, George." a woman's voice.

"Only joking, I am Fred." the first voice laughed.

George turned around. There was that little family he had seen in Diagon Alley. The one Neville was helping.

Angelina had looked around, too. 

"Is that...?" she gasped.

"It looks so much like him." George said. He couldn't help it; he walked over to the family.

"Fred?" he asked, addressing the man. 

"Hello!" A little girl, who must be eleven, said. "My name's Fred." 

The father was looking at George curiously. 

"I think you have the wrong person." he said. "My name's Arthur." 

He said that, but George didn't believe it. This had to be Fred. He was exactly like him.

Without thinking, George embraced the man. At first, he tensed, but then he relaxed slightly. 

"George?" the man asked.


The strange man suddenly hugged Arthur, who tensed. Sudden memories came pouring into Arthur's mind.

Him and George, boarding the Hogwarts express for the first time. 

Them sending Harry a toilet seat.

Giving Harry the Marauder's Map

Chasing Umbridge with fireworks. 

Flying to freedom on their brooms.

Starting Weasley's Wizard's Wheezes. 

Sitting on the roof of Hogwarts, watching the Death Eaters attack.

Rookwood making him watch his family cry over a fake body. 

"George?" he asked.

The man let go.

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