Chapter Four

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"Fred, it's Roxanne's year." George implored his small son. "You'll be going in two years." 

"But I want to go now." Fred whined. "I want to go with Albus and Rose and Roxanne!" 

"You'll be going with Lily." Angelina said. "Now please put the broom away."

Scowling, Fred returned the broomstick to the shelf. "Can we go for ice cream now?"

George laughed. "Alright. Let's go."

As they exited the shop, George saw something that made his heart stop.

His brother, Fred Weasley, was standing with Neville. He turned to Angelina, but she was preoccupied with Roxanne. When he turned back, they were gone.

"Now I'm seeing things." George grumbled. "He's dead and he's not coming back."

And that was the simple truth of it. 

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