Chapter One

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A man woke up on cement. Someone was leaning over him.

"Hey, are you okay?" she asked. 

"Um, yeah, where am I?" he asked.

"You're in London." the girl said. "My name's Brooke Haines. What's yours?"

"My name?" the man thought for a moment. "Arthur Rookwood." 

"Come on, Arthur, I'll take you to my house and we can make sure you're okay." Brooke smiled at him and helped him stand up. 

"It's nice to meet you, Brooke." Arthur said.

"You too, Arthur."


"Fred! George!" Brooke called up the stairs. "Breakfast time!"

Two girls, looking to be around eleven, came bouncing down the stairs. 

"We're eleven tomorrow." Fred said. 

"Yes you are." Arthur said. "You know what that means, Fredalena?"

Fred made a face. "Don't call me that. And what?"

"That you and Georgette get to come work in the shop with me!" Arthur said.

"Why did you name us Fredalena and Georgette?" George asked.

"And Ginevra!" Their younger sister said, poking her head out of the kitchen into the hallway. 

"I don't know." Arthur said. "There's just... something about those names that seems special. Especially George... It's like it's the name of a lost brother. Just something about them is special to me." 

"Yes, but why Fredalena?" Fred asked. 

"Because I was really set on Fred and George." Arthur tried to explain to the young girl. "But I needed girl variations. So I found Fredalena and Georgette." 

The mail slot clinked. 

"I'll get it!" George shouted. 

"No, I'll get it!" Fred retorted. The two sprinted to the front door and fought over picking up the mail.

"Hey, there's letters for us!" Fred yelled. "Fredalena Rookwood, second bedroom on the left, 13 Grimmauld Place, London."

"And there's one for me!" George added. "Georgette Rookwood, second bedroom on the left, 13 Grimmauld Place, London." 

"Well, open them girls!" Brooke said.

Fred and George ripped the letters open, destroying the envelopes. 

"Is this some kind of joke?" George asked.

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked.

"Dear Miss Rookwood," Fred began reading, "We are please to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The girls looked up at their parents. 

"It's a joke, right?" they asked.

"No, it's not a joke." Arthur said, taking the letters. "Brooke, it says someone will be by this afternoon to explain." 

"Um, okay." Brooke said blankly. "We'd better eat and tidy up, then." 

With one last bemused look at the letters, the little family moved into the kitchen. 


Hey guys!

Just thought I'd tell you that credit for this idea goes to @BerkBeauty. She came up with it before I did. You should go read her books; They're really good!

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