FESx Introduction

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Note: If there is no character name stated before the word it is the narration.


Yus 254, there once stood three continents each having one kingdom ruling their own continents. These three kingdoms were united by friendship and philosophy. Together they grew powerful and shared prosperity for 250 yusen. It was a happy time for the union now called "Magellius". Magvel, Elibe and Tellius are the name of the three continents with Elibe being the largest and Magvel the smallest.

Due to the beliefs of their leader that the union is invincible, a new order has been passed which forbids the worshipping of gods. The gods and godesses looked down and saw no respect but disgrace on their shrines. Then they passed on a punishment... which is the total disconnection between the three continents. A field was spawned to separate their seas and a shroud of light came out which erased everything connected to the other continents including memories then an immense power was unleashed, distorting the timeline on the three continents. At that moment, there it set a new age for humanity.

But in this new age, a new problem rose: war and death among humankind. It started in a small scale until as time pass by it became much more worst. Hunger, thievery, death, chaos, despair, poverty, corruption and a lot more, contributed to the flames of conflict. Such is a sight that cannot be easy for the gods. Therefore concluding humans inferior, they thought to create a being of no intellect which will follow their orders only. A new prophecy was then born: Sometime on the unexpected, everything will end in one blink. Yet said and to be fulfilled, it is still a mystery what it means.

------------- This Tale Shall Introduce The Conclusion and Beginning -------------------

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