Suzaku Kururugi - A Promise

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"Of course I want this wedding, I love (F/N). I want to be with her for the rest of my life." Suzaku responded confidently and you could feel your heartstrings tug. Lelouch turned to look at his friend, not fazed. "I hope you truly mean that Suzaku. I hope you're not just saying that to get rid of any leftover feelings you have for Euphie."

Suzaku looked down and smiled, "Thanks for worrying about me Lelouch, but my feelings for (F/N) are beyond what words can explain." Suzaku looked up at the night sky and sighed contentedly, "It's getting late, (F/N) and I should be getting back."

You jumped and scrambled away towards Nunnally who was concerned for you; your breathing was very rapid. "(F/N)? It's getting late, shall we head back now?" Suzaku asked as he and Lelouch walked out from the balcony. "Oh, of course."

Lelouch and Nunnally bed the two of you good-bye at the front doors as you walked home with Suzaku. He noticed that you were quieter than usual, which was a little covering for him. "Is there something the matter (F/N)?" He asked with his soft voice that you love. Looking over at him, you shook your head and gave him a small smile. "Not really, just thinking. That's all."

Walking into the quiet house, Suzaku eyed you carefully and noticed how you seemed a bit upset. He wanted to help you, but you seemed like you didn't want his help. Suzaku got into bed first waiting for you to finish up getting ready for bed. When you slipped under the bed sheets, you wrapped your arms around his torso and buried your face into his chest.

Suzaku sighed and rubbed your back in the comforting way he knew you loved. "Is this because of what Lelouch and I were talking about?" Suzaku asked. You tensed up under Suzaku's hand, "You saw me?" Suzaku nodded gently against you, "Of course I noticed, I saw your hand by the balcony door." A small smile tugged at your lips; Suzaku knew every little thing about you and you love him for that.

"If you're upset about Euphie, I just want you to know that you're the one I love and the one I'm going to marry." You looked up at him with pursed lips, "Promise?" Suzaku nodded and leaned down to press a kiss against your lips, "Promise."


*Ding Dong*

Suzaku's arms wrapped around you tightly as he held you, still deeply asleep. It was now the next morning and all he wanted to do was to stay in the warm bed with you in his arms where he knew you would be safe.

*Ding Dong*

Ignoring the ring, he continued to hold you. Hopefully the person ringing the doorbell would stop and he'd be able to continue this blissful moment with you.

*Ding Ding*

"Suzaku..." You whined in his chest as the ringing did not stop. Suzaku groaned and got up off the bed to open the door. He opened the door in an annoyed fashion, "What can I help you with?" He asked frustratedly. Suzaku's green eyes widened as he took a step back at the figure in front of him; he felt as if he was going to throw up.

"Suzaku, it's me Euphie."

There she was, alive and in front of him. Suzaku's arms shook as he slowly and cautiously walked closer towards her. "E-Euphie? You're a-"

"Alive?" Euphie stated as she cut him off. "I was saved and they tended to my injuries," She walked closer towards him and grabbed his hands with her soft ones. "I have wanted to see you for so long Suzaku." Her hand rose up to caress his face.

"Euphie, I.." His hand grabbed hers and he held it by his chest as he painfully looked away from her. "What is it Suzaku?"

"Suzaku? Are you there?" A voice called out as the two looked over at the top of the stairs. You stood there wide eyed as you looked down at the two holding hands and very close together. A familiar pain taking a hit at your chest. "Euphie?"

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