Suzaku Kururugi - A Promise

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ChadsyXiong I stayed up writing this for you.

I don't know if this is as happy as you want but I like it so I'm gonna leave it like this. I was lowkey hurt myself writing this, lol.

Also, he might be out of character because I don't really know a lot about his personality. Hope you liked it still!


You stood at the altar looking over at the beautiful decorations of your wedding that would happen in a week's time. A smile made its way on your lips as you thought about the day you would walk down the aisle on your beautiful dress, finally coming together to marry Suzaku, your one true love.

"(F/N)? What are you doing here?" Suzaku's voice called out from the chapel doors at the far end of where you were at. Turning around, you smiled at him before running towards him, meeting him halfway. "I just wanted to see how our wedding was coming along, it looks great." You reply cheekily as he kissed you on the forehead.

"You don't need to be worried about anything," he states as he gives you a warm hug. "I never said I was though." You chuckle up at him, staring into his soft green eyes. "I can tell you are though, and I can't blame you. A wedding is all about dedication and you'll be stuck with me forever."

He kisses you gently on the lips and your smile grew as you hide your face into his chest, "I'll never get tired of being stuck with you though Suzaku." He looks down at you and kisses your lips once more before he pulls away from the hug and grabs ahold of your small hand. "Come on, it's time to go eat. Lelouch and Nunnally are waiting for us."

Dinner was held at Lelouch's, he insisted on having to-be groom and bride over before the wedding. Nunnally was quite excited to have the two of you over as well.

"Ah! Suzaku-kun, (F/N)-chan, right this way. Dinner is all set up and ready for the two of you!" Bowing politely, the two of you followed the maid up into the dining room where Lelouch and Nunnally were happily waiting for your company. The maid smiled sweetly at the two of you before closing the doors on her way out.

"Please, take a seat." Lelouch politely stated with an open hand gesturing the empty seats in front of Suzaku and you. Suzaku pulled the chair out for you as you looked up at him and gave him a sweet smile. "What a gentleman Suzaku." You giggle as Suzaku sat beside you, Lelouch seated in front of him and Nunnally seated in front of you. "The wedding is so soon; you must be excited (F/N)-san!" Nunnally said with her hands clasped together.

"Of course, I cannot wait to become Mrs. (F/N) Kururugi~" You respond as you look over at Suzaku with a cheeky grin, nudging him with your elbow. Suzaku blushed at your comment before sending you a small grin. "Perhaps there will also be Kururugi babies running around in the future also." Now it was your turn to blush. "S-Suzaku!"

Lelouch and Nunnally watched the two lovers happily with smile plastered on their faces. "Now then, let's dig in!"


It had been an hour past dinner and you, Suzaku and Nunnally were on the floor solving small puzzles together. "Suzaku," Turning around, Suzaku looked over at Lelouch was gesturing Suzaku towards him. "I'll be back (F/N)." Suzaku informed you as he got up and walked over to Lelouch. "What is it?"

Lelouch leaned up against the railing at the glowing town cast in front of him, Suzaku walking up and looking over at the lights as well. "I wanted to talk to you about the wedding, about how you have been feeling. Is this what you truly want?" Suzaku looked over at his best friend in slight confusement.

You and Nunnally were chatting away on the floor as you looked up and saw how late it had gotten. "Oh! It's getting late! Excuse me for a moment Nunnally, I have to go remind Suzaku that we should be heading home." Nunnally nodded at you as she continued on the puzzle. Standing up, you walked over to the balcony door and just as you were about to open it, you overheard Suzaku and Lelouch's conversation.

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