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Your P.O.V.

         I walked down a narrow street,"Maka, hurry up!" My girlfriend trotted behind me at a slow pace.

         "Why did you bring me here!? Do you realize we could get murdered!?!" I laughed at her remark. Unlike me Maka didn't like adventures. I loved them, they were dangerous and fun. 

       Maka sighed in defeat as she got closer to me and hugged me from behind so I picked her up, putting her on my giving her a piggy back ride"I'm sorry for making you do this sweetie. Next time we can do whatever you want. How's that sound?"

      She gave me a bright smile kissing me one the lips,"Yes! Yes! Yes! I love you,(y/n)!"

      We continued going further and I heard heavy footsteps behind us. I began to hum so it didn't scare Maka and I picked up my pace. To be honest I was scared by this point. I don't know who or what is following me right now. 

     The footsteps got louder and faster. Whoever this was knew I was there and was after me or my girlfriend. I shot into a full on sprint and Maka knew something was wrong and looked back. She saw a shadow getting closer and jumped off my back. 

     I stopped turned back and saw her just as she kicked to guy in the nuts. I walked over to her to see who it was that followed us. It was none other than Soul. Well he won't ever bother us again..

    "Thank you Maka," I whispered with a blush. She smiled and kissed me deeply and we left Soul in the alley, unconscious.  

Sorry this is so short and it took so long to update. Hope you still enjoy it though!  Also this story will be on hold. Thank you.

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