Chapter 4 | | A Wink a Day Keeps the Smart Girl Away

"Jessica.", I said putting on a fake smile.

Jessica Weathers is the our High School slut. She hasn't only slept with nearly any guy in our school, she is also a total bitch and I hate her since elementary school. I actually don't care if a girl sleeps with a lot of boys. It's not the fact that she is doing it, it's how she is doing it. If people enjoy themselves and keep their dignity, it's totally fine. But Jessica...Jessica lost her dignity a long time ago. Desperately, she talks herself into thinking that Noah and her are having a relationship because she is the only girl with whom he has slept more than once, although it's pretty obvious that he just uses her for sexual activities.

"Stay away from my boyfriend, you slut. I saw you talking to him yesterday, playing all innocent. He's mine.", she yelled at me.

"Firstly, you two are not really together. Secondly, I don't even want him so you can have him and lastly stop annoying me. I have better things to do than deal with you little imbecile.", I said with an angry voice.

"Now you're doing it again, playing all innocent, but don't worry I'll make sure everybody knows what kind of whore you are.", she gave me a devious smile.

"Aww you're spreading rumours about me ? At least you found a hobby spreading something other than your legs."

By now everyone in the hallway was aware of our conversation and staring at us.

"Ugh. You are such a freak.", she responded.

"There is worse. I could be you.", I slammed my locker and went to my next class, leaving her with a blank expression.


As I arrived at my Politics class, my teacher has already started the lesson.  I snuck into the room quietly and took a seat which, sadly, was placed next to Noah's. Ugh. So much for avoiding him. He was making out with some blonde cheerleader bimbo called Julia Smith. It's no understatement when I say that her personality is as basic as her name. Sometimes I wish PDA would be illegal, especially in schools. Apart from Noah, I really like Politics, though. It's really interesting. Our current topic is Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect and their consequences. Sounds actually more like Biology but it's more a subtopic to a big topic.

"Mr. Evans.", our teacher spoke loudly. "Would you be so kind and stop your little activity and pay attention to what I'm saying, the same applies to you as well, Ms. Smith."

They broke apart and our teacher kept talking. He turned to me and winked.

"I'm sorry are you okay?", saying with a concerned voice.

He looked at me with a confused expression. "Yes why?", he asked perplex.

"Because your eye was fluttering weirdly and I was worried that you might be an epileptic or something.", I said, trying not to burst out in laughter.

"I....I-uh.", he stuttered, still being a bit bewildered.

I turned around and couldn't help but to let out a quiet chuckle. What a jerk, I thought, mentally shaking my head.

"Ok, let's have a little debate about Global Warming. If it's your turn, you have to explain if and why your are against it or not.", our teacher said, immediately starting the discussion.

After some students delivered their statements, it was Julia's turn.

"I'm against Global Warming because I look horrible in shorts.", she said with utter solemnity.

The whole class was staring at her.

I mentally facepalmed myself. That girl really needs a talking filter because this is not the first time she said something like this. She is a bitch and one of Jessica's minions so I do not pity her when she embarrasses herself in front of everyone. One time , we talked about current events and our teacher told us that many Brazilians died during a prison riot. She raised her hand and asked and I quote: "How much is a Brazilian?"

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