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Book #3 in the Rachel series! If you haven't read the first two books yet, go back! Everyone else, enjoy❤️🌹

  Rose always knew her parents were different.
She even knew why.  
What she didn't know was that she herself was the heir to the vampire throne and that her parents were runaway royals.
She used to think the choice of whether or not to become like her family would be easy,  but upon finding out the truth of her identity, plus coming clean about a secret of her own she's kept for years, Rose is determined to see the place that is rightfully hers before she makes any kind of decision.
In a whole new world, Rose immerses herself in the life that could be hers should she choose to accept it. However, the world of vampires is much darker than she ever imagined and even with two fiercely handsome protectors at her side, danger still lurks in every open corridor.
When a long forgotten cult reemerges from the shadows, and the disappearances mount, the stakes on young Rose's life raise even higher.
But what if they aren't after her throne at all, but instead...
Her blood.

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