Cassian Andor

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You got on his nerves so much. More than K2 ever did.

And he loved you for it.

It was after your harrowing speech in front of the council that he found himself falling for you. He watched as you gathered what crew and supplies you could, your face taught with concentration. He smiled at the cute way you bit your lip as you swiped hair away from your brow.

Cassian strode up to you, leaning against some supply bins stacked next to you. "Relax, this is going to work."

You looked over at him, not in the mood to go along with his optimistic tone. "I just wish others were joining us. It's not like we're good guys or anything." You tossed a full pack to the side with some attitude. 

"Oh, right. I guess I'll just take my band of rebels and go find the real (Y/n)."

You rolled your eyes, folding your arms and leaning against the bins next to him. "Sorry." Your voice was low and you avoided looking at him. You were beyond stressed. So, natrually, you took it out on him. None of you signed up for this but you knew no one else would get the job done.

"Good thingK2 wasn't around; he would have been excited to hear he wasn't leaving to his death." Cassian nudged your arm with his elbow, sending you a small smile.

You snorted, looking up at him. He always had a knack for calming you down. Though you haven't known each other long it felt like it had been years. His eyes crinkled with his smile, his hair slightly tossed with a small breeze. You found yourself leaning in close, keeping your eyes on him.

"Thank you," you whispered.

"For what exactly?" Either he didn't notice your closeness or he didn't mind, he continued to look down at you fondly.

"For helping me. For believing me."

You would have to be blind to not notice how close you two were now, your breath mingling in the cool air.

Cassian glanced down at your lips before smiling and reaching up to cup your face. He said nothing but instead kissed you, sweetly yet eagerly, as if the thought this was the first and last time he will be able to hold you.

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