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Pen Your Pride

After my final class I was out front the school waiting for my father to come pick me up. Kyle the boy who had seen me at lunch caught up with me and asked me why I wasn't out on the field trying out for the Cheerleading team. I told him it wasn't my sort of thing but he insisted that I atleast give it a go. What the hell eh?

I walked with him to the back where by the football field and I stopped. There were males on the field doing football drills this was interesting.

"Hey is that the football team?" I asked Kyle.

He shook his head. "No just try outs they need someone to replace the quarter back Johnny he failed his drug test." He said.

I watched the boys running their drills and smiled. How cool would it be to be on the football team. "I'm gonna try out for the spot" I said as I began walking forward towards the coach.

Kyle hurried after me trying to match my speed. "Uh I don't think girls are allowed on the team."

"Why not?" I asked as we crossed the field.

"Because they will freak out if they break a nail or something, plus they aren't strong enough." I stopped suddenly in my tracks and slowly turned my head and made eye contact.

"You think those boys are stronger then me? That they will make me cry if I get tackled to hard?" Kyle looked at me and slowly moved his head up and down. "Well that's a sexist statement that is about to be prooven wrong." I turned away and covered the rest of the field.

Before I could speak the coach pointed across the field. "Girls cheerleading is over there"

"Excuse me?" I said in an annoyed tone. "I'm here for the football tryouts."

The coach looked at me and laughed. "Truly sweetheart girls are not allowed on this team."

I crossed my arms and shifted my weight to my right hip. "I beg to differ sir. I spent the entire weekend reading the student handbook and there is no place that says girls cannot try out for the football team. So like I said. I am here for football tryouts."

He looked at me and wanted to say something but I knew his arguement was invalid. He knew I was right. I knew I was right, therefore I was to get a fair chance like everyone else. I watched him waiting and then finally he spoke.

"I want to see you throw. Try not to break a nail." The coach handed me the ball and set me to the goal line. "Get it past the 20 yard line and I might let you advance to the next drill." he told me.

Of course I knew everything about football. It was something me and my father Emmett liked to do together. I set my fingers along the ridges and then took a step back before I rolled back my shoulder and tossed about 25% of my strength into the throw.

I watched the football soar 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, 40 yards, 50 yards and then land on the 55 yard line. I looked over to the coach who was looking at me with such surprise I thought he might freeze his face that way.

The coach picked up another ball and tossed it to me without a word. I knew he wanted to see if I could do it again so I tossed it but with a little less power and sent it to the 50 yard line.

"How do you do that?" The coach said as he joined my side.

I shrugged my shoulders. "My father taught me how to throw. We like to play football together. Football family."

"So you can throw but can you kick." the coached asked. He set a ball into the tripod and then stepped back.

I moved a few feet back and then took a running start. In one swift movement I brought my left leg to the ball and sent it flying across 80 yards. It landed 20 feet short of the goal post but bounced another 3 yards.

This impressed the coach even further. I had him in my hooks and I was positive I'd get this spot. Next he had me run which I did better than everyone on the team, or atleast he said so. I covered the entire football field in 11 seconds. The fastest male on the team ran it at 14. After a final test of tackling a player successfully I had one final thing to go through. I had to be tackled and take it well, no tears.

I stood in the middle of the field and watched as one of the largest players came at me with his speed and muscles. Closer, closer, closer. Suddenly I went flying 10 yards before I landed on my back. I blinked a few times and got to my feet. That wasn't bad.

I looked over to the spot where the male had tackled me and saw he was on his back unconscious. What happened? I crossed the 10 yards and looked down on him.

"What happened?" I asked the coach.

"He rammed you and then just fell to the ground. You knocked him out?" the coach said.

I looked at the boy laying on the ground who was just coming to and smiled. "What happened there killer?" I teased.

One of the other team members brought him to his feet and he looked at me. "If you don't let her on the team coach I quit." He said before giving me a slap on the back. "Imagine if we had her we would be unstoppable, she is like super woman."

"I actually am. I'm classified as a super human, my entire family is. I never get sick, my IQ is that of a genius and I have strong muscle tone. I am what they call the perfect human." I finished.

The men turned there attention from me and looked at their coach. Finally the coach spoke.

"Welcome to the team." the coach said.

Suddenly I was lifted off my feet by the team members and they were cheering. I had the biggest grin on my face and I felt like my days of high school would be the best. Me, Juliet Hale Forks Highschool Quarter Back.

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