yeah so um if you fanned me you would have gotten the message but in case you didnt here it is: 

"So the Trust Me series has finally come to an end. However to celebrate Justin's 20th birthday i will be posting a one shot of Allie and Justin in the future! but i need a cover for it. So i will be doing a contest like i did for Remember Me!


1. Use this picture: its also on the side and an external link to save it easier (i know its not Justin but i like it and since its the future he will look different)

2. Make it look like the other 3 book's cover

3. Make sure to put the author as xladolcevita72 (since she is the author) and the title Kiss Me

4. Private message me the cover once you are finished

Deadline: February 23 (i might extend it)

The winner will receive a dedication!

I also posted the description and contest info as a book where i will be posting the one shot! The link to it is here (link to side in external or you can find it in on my profile) You can save the story so when the one shot is posted you will get a notification.

Anyway questions? Just message me"

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