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Coming April 9, 2017

With Bella and Edward's wedding approaching, Kate has been left behind replaced by ribbons and pearls as she is banned from the wedding. But, when Bella returns from her honeymoon pregnant with a vampire hybrid, Kate must decide between saving her pride or her family. And her decision just might cost her life.

 And her decision just might cost her life

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*Twice the Material, Twice the Music*

Army ~ Ellie Goulding

I know that I've been messed up

You never let me give up

All the nights and the fights

And the blood and the breakups

You're always there to call up

I'm a pain, I'm a child, I'm afraid

But yet you understand

Yeah like no one can

Know that we don't look like much

But no one fucks it up like us

16 and you never even judged me

Matter of fact I always thought you were too cool for me

Sitting there in the caravan

All the nights we've been drunk on the floor

And yet you understand

Yeah like no one can

We both know what they say about us

But they don't stand a chance because

When I'm with you

When I'm with you

I'm standing with an army

Hanging On ~ Ellie Goulding

You know we can get away

Because I'm calling your name

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