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This feeling I have deep inside has me bound

I can't let go I've tried so hard to go on

But when you come around I fall again

I let you have it all, I only hid to act tough

I'm weak in the knees for you, I can't help it

I give everything I have, and I'm so fragile

Wanting to push you away instead I hold you

The thoughts in my head run mad around you

Is it even fair how much I care for you

You could never understand how much I care

My heart is breaking holding on to you

But I'd have my heart continue breaking

My heart is all your, do you want it

Is it fair for you, would it be better if I left

I want to stay sharing a thousand moments

But I can't give what you won't accept

Prove you will stay, that you want me

Am I enough for you,  do you really want me

I am yours if you just ask me right

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