Chapter 1 - Arrival

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Hey guys! It's me Firestorm40 here with a whole new story for you all! I plan to go back to my other stories soon, I just wanted to try out this one. Let me know what you guys think. So without further ado, Enjoy!


The sun shone brightly over the port town of Hargeon, clouds floated lazily through the sky and there was a faint smell of sea salt in the air. A large steam train pulled into the local station with a loud whistle and the sound of pistons releasing pressure. Almost as soon as the train reached a complete stop, one of the carriage doors was nearly ripped off of its hinges as one of the passengers eagerly leaped out with an excited yell.


A sliver haired teen with electric blue eyes landed on the platform getting more than a few strange looks from the locals and other passengers. He was wearing a black, high-collared sleeveless shirt; Over this, he wore a jacket, this one half-zipped and white, with black on the bottom and a black hem on each sleeve. This jacket's collar was gray and folded back. Two wrist bands with a red edges and a white middle line were on his arms. He wore dark brown pants have very large, black pockets, and are held up by a red belt belt. His white shoes were gray on the bottom and top, with three black stripes on each side and yellow laces.

Finally, he was carrying a blue bag and also wore a necklace with a golden locket hanging from the chain. The most surprising was that he had three whisker markings on each of his cheeks.

The boy stretched happily with a huge grin on his face. "Finally made it. This must be Hargeon Town." He looked around for a moment before rubbing his head. "Looks more like a fishing town. Oh well, might as well look around for a bit."

 The boy reached for his neck and traces his fingers along the surface of the locket, "I wish you were here with me...Lu."

Sighing, the slivernette clutched his bag and then slung it over his shoulder. "Alright, time to find that guild." Just as he was about to walk off, he spotted a strange pink haired boy laying on the hall floor, "Ugh..." The pinkette's skin was quite pale and he was groaning badly. The slivernette helped him to his feet by placing the sick boy's hand over his shoulder, "Here, let me help you up." The pink haired boy smiled at the assistance before his cheeks puff up like balloons and he looked like he was almost "Uh, let's get you to a bathroom first!"


Elsewhere on the other side of town, inside a magic shop, a young girl by the age of 16 or 17 was talking to an elder shop keep about something. She had a curvaceous figure and from the bottom up, she was wearing black calf high boots, a blue miniskirt, a sleeveless white zipped up shirt with a blue cross design and a black wristband on her right wrist. there was also a ribbon in her blonde hair, holding a lump of it tied into a side ponytail on the top right side of her head. Around her waist was a brown belt, as well as a couple of keys and a black whip with a heart-shaped point on a holster. Also, she wore a necklace with a sliver gem hanging from a string. She even had amazing vibrant brown eyes, as she looked at the elder merchant in front of her. This girl's name was Lucy.

"Huh!? You mean there's only one magic shop in this whole town!?" Lucy exclaimed, as she couldn't believe what she was just told.

"Afraid so, this town has always had more fishing folks then magic folks" The shop keep answered, causing the girl to sigh, "In fact, there are less than one-tenth of the people in town can use any magic, so I build this shop for wizards who happen to be passing through." The girl then let out a breath of air and hung her head in disappointment, "Aww, man ! So this whole trip was a waste of time " she said to herself in defeat. 'And doesn't appear 'he's' been here either.....I guess I'll have to look somewhere else.'

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