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The teacher soon found out that Yoongi wasnt really okay. He was taken earlier  since the camp was way too far from an actual Hospital, so they had to take him back to Seoul.

Everyone else went back home just a few hours later...

The next day

You got home last night, taking a long long sleeping break since you felt like you hadn't slept in a while.

Casually skipping school....

Your phone was ringing all morning...
It was either Jungkook or Somi. You didnt feel like replying, so you just tried to go back to sleep every time.

Ugh. Ill just eat something now...

It was too late for you to go back to sleep again.

After you ate your lunch, you received another phone call.

You ignored it again.

Until you received another one..

Ughhh who the fuck-

You decided to pick up now.

"Hello." You said in a non questioning, monotoned, annoyed voice.

"Its been more than 3 minutes. You shouldve picked up the first time."

Wowhdneeosowowowwjdieirhrbenejwjenswwiwiwowowkekdkmddjekjejeen MIN YOONGI

Your heart paused its beating for just a second.

"MIN YOON- I mean....," you cleared your throat,"Yoongi... you are okay!?"

You heard him chuckle, but his voice was very bare, and almost gone.

"No actually. I just want to discuss something with you thats why I'm calling you.."

You couldnt actually believe he wasnt rude to you for once.
The way he talked was very calm, and he didnt sound like he was commanding you.
Which made you so happy.

But you know that this will not last once he gets better.

"Are you there?" He asked. You didnt reply to him earlier.

"Yeah sorry. Should I-... come.. there?" You stuttered nervously.

"Yes. Come here right now." That reminded you of every time he calls you, and every time he says that line to you.



You walked through the hallways of the hospital looking for the room. Your heart was pounding unknowingly of what Yoongi has to discuss with you.

You finally found the room he was in, so you knocked slightly on the door.

"Yoongi? It's me."

You heard his voice from inside,"Come."

You followed his order, and opened the door.

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