Royal Birth marks

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*** Hey Everyone, Thank you for those who are still reading…. I'm sorry for such a long delay…. Truth be told, ive been super super busy, moving houses, new jobs, finding out I'm pregnant! Plus having the worst and I mean worst morning sickness out… ive been practically bed bound for the last 2 months! But I'm BACK yay!!”

Hope you enjoy!  - More to come in a day or two I PROMISE!!


"So, do you guys know each other" Emma looked between me and Antonio with a sly grin.

"Yea our dads, you know royal stuff" he said with a smile at me his green eyes sparkling as he gently placed his arm on my elbow directing me to the table.

"Of course" she said looking at us with a knowing look.

While they were talking I couldn't help but stare at Christian.  OMG I can't believe I heard him speaking with my MIND.  Honestly my mind felt like I was bursting with surprise. He looked at me with a questioning look and I saw his eyes harden as he watched Antonio's hands on me.  His eyes caught mine and I saw them soften as a small smile graced his pink lips.

I couldn't help but blush slightly and look down at my hands.

"Annntonio are you going to sit or what?" the whingy girl who arrived with him asked as she stood at the table waiting for Antonio to shuffle down allowing her to sit.

"Go and find another table there's too many here now" he said waving his hand at her dismissively as he pulled out a chair for me.  She looked at him in shock and glared at me in disgust.

"This is my table, tell her to leave" she said glaring at me.

"oh actually your girlfriend can stay, I'll just grab a takeout dinner and eat in the room" I said as I pushed the chair to her.

"Oh how nice of you to offer me MY seat" she said snarling at me, her eyes glowing a dull silver as her wolf started to emerge.

"Don't think that because you're a princess which by the looks of how your dressing I doubt you really are one, I mean I don't see your family crest birthmark your supposed to have" she said rolling her eyes checking out my body for the legendary birthmark.  "you can come here and take over, if you don't know who I am you should, the name is Rachelle Taurence" she said looking at me like I should be impressed.

"So?.." I said looking at her and half the table.

"My brother is "Michael Taurence" the Senator" she said rolling her eyes.  Looking at her I laughed.

"Oh you mean the overweight balding narcissist that tried convincing me I should choose him as a mate last month during a gala with the US President" I said nearly choking cause I was laughing so hard.

Everyone's jaw's (excluding Christian because he was there) dropped.

It was common knowledge that the US government held werewolves in position of power, little did anyone know that the president himself was a wolf and had been best friends with my father.   He wanted to ensure me that although my father was no longer around that he would look after me like I was his own.  He also wanted to discuss the possibility of training some of the best Unspeakables to join the secret service as his own personal guard.

Christian chuckled and sat in the seat next to me as Antonio pulled out the chair again and waited for me to sit.

But I couldn't sit down my wolf was furious.  How dare she question my royal eligibility.  My mother always said the truth will set you free and in this moment the only thing holding my wolf back was the thought of what I was about to do next.

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