Peanut Butter

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I wonder what dirt smells like when someone drops peanut butter on it.

This exact thing happened at a picnic; where everything was perfect, until the kid dropped his sandwich.

The mom might have stretched a long sigh, and the dad might have even snickered a comment. But what happened to the kid? What did he smell?

Did he want to scream at either of
them, that none of it matters. That he thinks the two of them should grow up.

Maybe he doesn't get much sleep, because his walls try to teach him how to spell. His teachers do however teach him, but only about how deadly a virus can be.

But he always leaves confused, because he knows how to use hand sanitizer, after touching every person that he meets.

But he did the homework anyways. Very obedient; perhaps too much so.

He slit his stomach all the way to his head; because being open was important.

And being important means, you can't find the time to drop a sandwich.



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