These assholes

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TV: Buddy you're my best friend! *barking*

Alfred and Ludwig: *smiling happily*

TV: *gun shot*

Ludwig: *silently starts to cry*

America: Buddy? NO!!!!

Germany: *starts to sob*

America: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Prussia: Ha! Do you even lift bro?

Russia: *turns to him*

Prussia: Oh sh-

Russia: *throws Gilbert off the bleachers*


Italy: *turns on a song*

America: *jumps out of the car at a stop sign and jumps onto the one in front of him* Now watch me whip---



America: *poking Mexico's face in a World Meeting* Mexico! Mex Mex Mex Mex Mex Mex Mex!!!

Mexico: What?

Germany: Mexico and America please refrain from making so much noise

America: *grins* mexicooooooooooo *coughs* oooooooooooooo

Mexico: What do you want?!

Germany: Mexico!

Mexico: sorry but he's-!

Germany: No excuses! Quiet down!

America: *putting his hands in Mexico's face* mexicooooo!!!! Mex!! Mex Mex Mex Mex Mex-!

Mexico: *grabs his hands* touch me again and I will kick your ass!

America: *pokes him*

Mexico: *tackles America to the floor and starts a fist fight*

Germany: VHAT ZHE HELL DID I SAY!!!?! *looks at seating schedule* Who even put you two together?!

Mexico and America: *fighting each other while America laughs*


England: Do you ever wonder why there's not an angel on top of British Christmas Trees?



France: *talking in French*

America: Hey France!

France: *looks over*

America: OUI OUI BAGUETTE!!!!!


Germany: *World meeting* Roll call! America?

America: Yo

Germany: Russia and friends?

Russia: all present da

Germany: the UK?

UK: Here- get the bloody hell off me!!

Germany: Hungary and Austria?

Both: Here!

Germany: Neutrality siblings?

Switzerland and Lichtenstein: here.

Germany: South America in general?

Brazil: Do you mind? We actually have names!! We're all separate countries you know!!

America: no one can really tell

Argentina: Fuck you!!

Germany: Please don't start a fight yet. Italy brothers?

Romano: Here you bastard

Germany: Canada?

Canada: Here eh. Anyone want some snow or maple syrup?

Germany: China, Japan, Vietnam-

China: I am here so my children are here too move on.

Germany: -crazy communist?

America: You already called Russia

Germany: No the other one

America: oh

North Korea: ...

Germany: yup he's here. Uhhhhhhh vampire, Spain, Spain's brother, uhhhhhmnmmmn...

Romania: Here

Spain and Portugal: Here!

Germany: Almost forgot, baguette?

France: who the FUCK WROTE THAT DOWN

America: Whoa bro calm your hairy tits

England: Yeah geez chill

Spain: Ah yes what they said

Countries: *murmurs of agreement*

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