Chapter 61

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(Kendall Pov)

I Rung The Door Bell And Waited. Then Rung It Again And Waited Some More. Then I Was About To Ring It Again Till I Heard Tonia.

"Wait Dammit" She Said.

"Well Hurry Up" I Said From Behind The Door Loud Enough So She'll Hear Me.

"Your Momma Ever Told You Its Not Nice To Rush A Lady?" She Asked Me After She Swung The Door Open.

She Wore A Silk Robe. I Could Tell She Had No Bra Under Cause... Just Know I Can Tell.

"See Something You Like?" She Asked Me.

"Tonia Don't Tease Me... Cause I'll Fuck You" I Told Her As I Walked Pass Her.

Like Seriously... I Had No Problem Having Sex With Somebody Like Tonia. I Mean Despite Her Flaws She Was Still A Pretty Face With A Body.

"Got Something For Me?" She Asked As She Came And Took A Seat On The Kitchen Chair That Was Across Me.

"Yeah The Photos... Their Done" I Said As I Slid A Big Yellow Envelope Her Way.

She Opened The Package And Looked Thru The Pictures. Pleased With What She Was Seeing She Got Up And Came Back With Her Phone. After A Few Minutes My Phone Vibrated. I Looked And A Message Popped Up Notifying Me That Some Money Was Transferred Into My Account.

"Good" I Said Getting Up.

"Mhmmm No Problem" Tonia Said.

"Ight.. I'm Outtie" I Said As I Made My Way To The Kitchen Door.

"Mhm Mhm Mhm" Tonia Said As She Came And Stood In Front Of The Door.

"What You Mean Mhm Mhm Mhm?" I Asked.

"We Got More To Talk About" She Said As She Slowly Backed Me Up Back To My Seat.

I Reluctantly Took A Seat.

"I Don't Have Nothing To Do... And I'm Sure You Have Nothing To Do..." She Began To Say. "So Why Don't We Do Something" She Added.

"Do Something Huh?" I Asked Her As I Looked At Her Sideways.

"I Mean Ive Been Wondering What A Man Of Your Nature Can Do In Bed" She Said As She Began Tugging At My Shirt.

Alright Alright. I Know What Y'all Might Be Thinking. But Hey I'm Not Gay If Sex Is Offered Why Not Take It. I Mean I Too Have Been Wondering How Tonia Is In Bed. Let's Just See How Much She Can Take And What She Got.... Mmmm

"You Think You Can Handle Me?" I Asked Her.

"Lets See..." She Said. "If You... Can Handle A Female Like Me" She Added. I Responded With A Small Chuckle.

These Females Always Challenge Me But Be Begging To Stop At The End. Im Just Too Much For Them To Handle.

Tonia Who Still Had One Of Her Hands On The Table. Used Her Other Hand To Untie The Ribbon That Held The Robe Together. She Slowly Pulled At It And Finally Her Robe Separated Exposing Her Flat Belly Her Round Breast And Laced Boy Short Victoria Secret Panties. She Had Tattoos On Her Thigh And Stomach.

I Guess I Was Staring Cause Tonia Placed Her Finger Under My Chin And Lifted It Up To Connect With Her Lips. She Kissed Me And I Kissed Her Back. I Grabbed Her Waist And Brought Her Closer To Me. She Fought To Have Control But She Lose. She Tried Denying My Tongue Entrance. I Gave Her Ass A Smack Causing Her To Gash And Giggle Then I Slipped My Tongue In And Explored Her Mouth As She Did Mines.

We Then Parted Lips. I Stood Up And She Dropped Her Rob. I Lifted Her Up And Sat Her Down On The Table. I Went On And Kissed Her Body. I Placed My Hand Between Her Thighs And Massaged Her Wet Lips Through Her Boy Shorts. She Moaned In My Ear As I Kissed And Sucked On Her Neck.

I Then Pushed Her Pantie To The Side And Slipped Two Fingers In Her. She Was Tight. I Expected Her To Be Different After All I Heard About Her I Would've Thought She Had No Walls But Nawl She Was Good. Anyways I Slipped My Fingers In Her And Began Finger Fucking Her As I Whispered In Her Ear.

"Let Me Guess You Didn't Answer The Door... In Your Robe Half Naked For No Reason?" I Asked.

"Mhm Mhm" She Said As She Bite Her Lip With Her Eyes Closed. She Tried Hard To Not Moan Out But I Knew She Wanted To.

"Hold I Wanna Try Something" I Told Her. I Then Made My Way To The Fridge.

"What?" She Asked.

"This" I Said As I Showed Her The Cube Of Ice That I Took.

"Uh-Uh" She Said As She Tried Backing Away.

"Mhm-Mhmm" I Said As I Took Her By Her Leg And Pulled Her Back. I Placed My Hand In Her Waist And Whispered To Her. "Its Okay Trust Me" I Told Her.

I Then Took The Ice And Placed It Between Tonia Legs. She Squirmed A Little... Well Alot..

"Ooouuuu Thats Cold But..." She Began To Say As I Gently Slid It On Her Wet Folds. "Its Starting To Feel Good" She Said Ad I Continued To Slowly Dipped It In Her Pussy.

"You Like That Huh?" I Asked Her. Her Eyes Were Closed And Her Bottom Lip Was Tucked In.

"Make Circles With It" She Asked Me.

I Did As Asked. Tonia Started Moaning And I Started Feeling Some Type Of Way... Now I Gotta Compete With Ice...


(Gem POV)

"You Know I Had To Come By" Dayna Said As Me And Her Sat In The Living Room.

Dayna Just Came Back And She Came Through To See The Kids And Me And Tay...

"Glad You Did... How Have You Been?" I Asked Her.

"Ive Been Good And You?" She Told Me.

"Great... Hows My Bro?" I Asked Her.

"He Good… Hard Headed As Usual" She Said With A Laugh

"That's Gio" I Said.

"So Ive Been Here For Like 30 Minutes And All Ive Seen Is The Kids And You..." She Began To Say. "Wheres Tay...?" She Asked.

"Out With Her Friend Kendall..." I Told Her.

"Kendall?.." Dayna Asked With A Raised Eyebrow.

"Yeah Its A Dude..." I Told Her. "But... He's Gay So No Worries" I Added.

"Gay?" She Asked.

"Yeah Gay..." I Said. "A Dude Who Likes Dudes" I Added.

"I Gotta Tell You Something" She Told Me.

"Wassup" I Asked.

"About Kendall" She Told Me.

"Mmm… You Know Him?" I Asked.

"Yeah I Know Him... He's My Step Brother" She Told Me.

"I Wasn't Aware You Had A Step Brother" I Said.

"I Know I Don't Talk About Him Much... But Yeah I Have A Brother" She Told Me.

"What About Him?" I Asked.

"Well He's My Brother And He's Surely Not Gay" She Said.

"How Do You Know This Kendall Is the Your Kendall? " I Asked Her.

I Had To Be Sure Cause Now This While Thing Is Sounding Like Tay Lied. Like She Could Just... Might Be Doing Something She Ain't Suppose To Be Doing. What I Said Didn't Even Make Sense But Y'all Know What I Mean…

"Well… Im Sure Your Kendall Is My Kendall Cause A Few Days Ago… I Went To Visit Day And Kendall And When I Walked In The Room. Their Was A Picture Of Tay On The Screen… Too Much Of A Coincidence I Say" She Told Me.

"So What You Saying?" I Asked Dayna.

"I Honestly Don’t Know…" She Said. "But Somethings Up" She Added.

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