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New Beginnings

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Emily POV

I turn my head to Alison who is staring out of the airplane window, her eyebrows furrowed as we start to take off. I nudge her lightly, "hey. You okay?"

She turns her head to me and offers a light smile, "yeah. I just like looking at the takeoff. We're leaving this place for...God knows how long."

I nod in agreement and gently take her soft, silky hand into mine, kissing the top of it, "you've been through a lot lately. You need rest." I lift up the arm rest and she smiles in gratitude as she moves closer to me, her head resting on my chest peacefully.

I use my free arm to wrap it around her shoulders, pulling her closer as I start to play with the loose strands of her blonde perfection. My lips place themselves atop her head with a kiss as soft as a pillow.

"Thank you," she mumbles and I can only chuckle lightly as Hanna grunts, "ew. You're guys are so cute it's gross."

Alison vibrates with laughter as she picks her head up, "then we're about to be revolting." I raise an eyebrow and she tilts my head down, leaning up to kiss me.

I smile at her adoringly when she pulls away and Hanna throws her sweatshirt at us, "nasty."

We both chuckle and she snuggles back into me, "wake me up when we get home."



Alison POV

"Welcome to mi casa," I say as I unlock and open my front door.

Hanna walks inside with the biggest smile as she looks around, "it's so amazing! Where's my room!"

Emily chuckles and Mom walks in, "Alison show them the guest rooms. Emily can have the guest room to the right and Hanna's to the left."

I nod and lead them upstairs, Emily's fingers laced with my own as I give them a small tour and drop Hanna off at her bedroom.

"So. This is my room?"

I nod and smile once she sets her suitcase down, "it's nice."

"And it's right next to mine. So any midnight kisses...can be slipped in possibly. Or cuddling." She grins at me and walks closer, "that sounds amazing Princess."

I giggle as we brush noses, then I rest my hands on her arms as I push myself up, connecting our lips as my stomach dances in various ways.

"Get unpacked and I can show you around town. You're going to love it handsome." I brush her hair out of her face and she smiles, "I already love this place. You're here."

I blush and leave the room, getting dressed into something proper for touring Rosewood.

After about a half hour Hanna comes bouncing out of her room in jeans and a tight top, showing off her cleavage while Emily emerges in black joggers and of course, her Havoc jacket over a white tee shirt.

"Let's go then."

"Don't be home too late! I'm cooking dinner," Mom calls with a smile and I nod at her before leaving the house. We walk down the road until we pass a house, "this house belongs to my best friend in the entire world. Miss Spencer Hastings."

"Where is she?" Hanna asks and I shrug, "probably at the Brew."

"The Brew?" Emily inquires and I giggle, "the Rear Window Brew. It's a cafe. And our usual hangout area. You'll love it babe. Come on."

I drag her by her hand passed the church, the fire department, Rosewood PD, the Grille and we stop.

"This, is the Brew. Best place for any teenager attending Rosewood High to hangout, no doubt. Come on." I open the door and say, "there's tables, couches, chairs, comfy chairs. It's like a lounge with..." I point at the counter with a smile.

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