24: Detention Room

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" A mind
is a powerful force,
It can enslave us
Empower us.
It can plunge us
into depths of misery
or take us to
heights of ecstacy.
to use the power wisely."
-David Cuschieri

Words used : 3406



I sat with Navya all over to the last bench already planning on not paying attention at all. Our physics sir, Mr. Polo kept on blabbering about why a ball rolls and well what do you expect in physics?

It had a buy one get one free, I mean those unrealistic formulas to explain it. Sorry for all those physics fan, but it was a big headache to me.

Like why learn it? When you can't apply it in daily life, it's basically just a bit more understanding of the world, like those behind the scene thingy and who wants to watch behind the scenes when you can actually see the whole movie without hardwork?

"Ayaz! " Navya whispered poking lightly with her pencil pointing at her book, I choke hold on my laugh threatening to escape, there was modified and coloured sketch of Mr. Polo Sir which girls being girls, he had quite the wide pink lips if you know what I'm saying the one where it starts from one cheek to the other, a wild blush, curly hairs more like springs raising on top and...

"Mr. Hussain! , Mr. Nazeer!" a shout vibrated with the intensity that was more than needed. It was the Marco Polo, I mean Mr. Polo!

Ugh... Why do we learn physics! Grhhh Or why did he choose to teach physics of all subjects!!??

"I'm sorry sir... "Navya said in a soft voice holding a slight quiver to it, shocked I looked at her with concern,

Was she getting an another attack?

But seeing her body posture my thoughts changed to me staring at her wondering if she had grown another head but she was working on her magic, with her puppy eyes, he let her go after passing through a lot of self restraint to not fall for her, but redirected it all at me, glaring profusely as if he could actually burn holes like Tye Sheridan.

" sorry!..." I said carelessly and mumbled a 'Like I mean it!'

" Mr. Hussain, Detention! "

Wow! Are you an animal or you have an exceptional human hearing ability because you heard me so well... I wanted to say but kept quiet.

" Sir not fair, that is what I was going to ask!" Navya whined emphasing on ' I'. Every turned around in confusion probably thinking they misheard her, I held in my smirk knowing where this was going.

"Can you give me Detention? "Navya asked glaring at him, I smirked at him wiggling my brows, he looked horrified and insulted for a second quickly masking it and shouted us 'out of the room! Now' to which we happily obliged but before going out I couldn't help saying.

" Sir, thanks for giving us quality time to spend! " Everyone in the class snickered as I slammed the door shut feeling accomplished at my stupid task of getting me nowhere. I'd definitely have to work hard to get a good performance for my results.

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