(Love Live Sunshine!!) Kanan Matsuura x Depressed! Reader Part 2

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Before I start I want to tell you that the song above is going to be in the story. You can listen to it while reading or read to the part, listen to the song, then continue reading. Enjoy!
Kanan's P.O.V
The nurses quickly pushed us out. Tears formed around my eyes and streamed down my face. I felt Mari and Dia hug me instantly. I fell to my knees refusing to move. Soon Chika and the others hugged me tightly. After crying for about 5 minutes I got up and ran. I don't know where I'm going and I don't care. When I arrived at a destination, I found myself on the roof.
"Why is this happening?! Please Save her!!," I scream hoping a higher being hears me. Chika followed me, with You behind her, followed by everyone else.
"Kanan!," Mari seemed happy which made me want to yell at her, but I remained quiet,"She's ok. (Y/n) is ok! Right after you left the nurse came out explaining what happened. (Y/n) didn't flat line". I was so happy to hear that, that I began crying again.
"I have an idea Kanan. Let's sing a song for (y/n). Obviously when she wakes up, though," Chika's idea was brilliant and I knew the perfect song.
*Time skip to when you wake up*
Your P.O.V.
"My whole body hurts..Where am I?..How long have I been asleep?..," all these thoughts raced through my head, yet my eyes aren't even open. My eyes fluttered open,"..I'm in the hospital," it came out as a squeak. The nurse next to me heard it, though and left the room. I slowly sat up, feeling the pain start to fade.
I heard a soft knock at my door and it opened revealing the one person I was scared to see,"Kanan....". Warm tears formed in my eyes. She smiled, walking in a little more, revealing all of Aqours. They all began to sing.
*Time skip to after song*
Still your P.O.V.
Tears streamed down my as they finished. Everyone but Kanan stepped out of the room, giving us privacy. Once the door was closed Kanan ran over to me hugging me tightly giving me a firm, but loving kiss. I immediately kissed her back.
We pulled away breathless and I spoke up,"I thought you would be mad at me..".
She just smiled pulling me closer,"I am, but I love you much more".
Hearing that made my heart sing,"I love you too". We cuddled until we both fell asleep.
Sorry it took me so long to update. Hope you liked it.

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