Chapter 13 The arrival

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Hiya ! Not much to say. but enjoy. I do not own anything besides Lizzy and a few evernts. Everything else belongs to J,K rowling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      That night i found out who my real friends are. They are everyone who auctally cares. Mostly they aree everyone at hogwarts ( Besides slytherin) /. They only slytherin i know who cares is Blaise. 

 A Month and A 3 weeks went by. Everyone is excited for the arrival of Durmstrang and Beaxbatans. Everyone is helping out decorating Hogwarts . 

  People are talking abouts whos going to put there name in the Goblet. 


"Harry are you going to put you name in" Asked ron

"No" Replied Hermione and I .

"Did i ask you guys". We both glared at him

"Ronald Weasley. Do you ave a death wish ." I asked. Ron looked at me wide eyed andtripped over the log by the lake. 

"Looks like two people are on their periods" Mumbled ron. Hermione and i looked at eachother and nodded.  

"Ronniekins.Have you ever been in a lake?" I asked. He shook his head then looked shocked. 

"Bloody Hell. You wouldn't." I saw Fred and George sneaking up on him. 

I smiled. Fred was behind Ron. Next thing you see is ron Falling into the water.

"Bloody hell Fred! What was that for" screamed ron trying to catch his breath

"Becasue we heard you being mean to our Lizzy and Mione." They both replied. 

" But you my brothers !" 

"You will never compare To these girls." Said Geroge. 

"GUYS! THEIR COMING !"  Said Harry running down. Ron got out of the lake and dried himself. 

Hermione grabbed my arm and started pulling me from the lake up towards where everyone else was..

I saw this Carriage with Four white horses pulling it coming right at us. I ducked and pulled Hermione down with me. Dang do they even know how to fly.  

I heard Hagrid yelling something about the lake. I looked down and saw a Giantic ship coming from  underneath the water. . Hermione started pulling me toward the entrance. Harry and ron were behind us. I sat down between Hermione and Ginny. 

 Dumbledore Stood up.

      " I Will like to introduce Beauxbatons!" We all turned to the door and saw about 20 girls in blue running down the aisle and stopping like every 10 feet. . Their headmaster followed them. Dang! shes like 8 Feet tall or a tiny bit shorter,  Dumbledore Walked down and Took her hand. 

"Now i will like to introduce .Durmstrang !" Everyone turned toward the door again. Guys about 17 walked in. The one i noticed was Krum. 

"Theres krum! " Said ron Looking shocked. :I thought he finished school,.


Mr. Crouch walked in the Great Hall. "I am Here too tell you the rules of the tri wizard tournament. Only people of age could put their name in-"

"Thats Rubbish !" yelled Fred and george.....

"Silence!" Yelled Dumbledore. 

Mr. Crouch continued the rules and finally the food appeared. 


I know its short and alittle boring but next chapter is who gets picked. But btw My story is going to be WAY DIFFERENT then the books and movies bbbbbbut somewhat the same

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