Part 1~ We Meet.

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______'s P.O.V.
I flopped down onto my couch and sighed. "Thank God its summer." I slowly drifted off to sleep until I heard a knock at the door. "Fuuuuck." I got up and opened it and I saw 3 figures with hoods and on one it looked like they had horns attached to their hood. "Oh my Gawd." I said with a British accent just staring at them. "Well fuck ass are you just gonna stare at us or what?!"
"KK plea2e," A taller male said. "We would like to 2tay at your hi- I mean home for a while." I tilted my head a bit. "Why? Fugitives?  Or hobos?"
"What the fuck is a hobo?!"
"We just wanna motherfucking stay for awhile. Nothin' to worry about, we're harmless." The tallest one said. "Okay... but before you all come in, I want you all to take off your hoods."
"Nope we're fine."
"I'm not gonna let you in then."
"KK let2 ju2t-"
"C'mon Karbro lets just do it. We need motherfucking shelter don't we?"
I let them in and they took their hoods off. Two had t-shirts with the zodiac symbols, Gemini and Capricorn and the other one had a turtle neck sweater on with another zodiac symbol, Cancer and they all had..... horns. They looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Happy?" Karkat huffed.
"...Sure..?" I sat on the couch and layed back. Something about them was bothering me but i couldn't figure it out. "2o... i'm 2ollux and thi2 i2 KK and Gamzee."
I gasped and sat up reconizing who they were. They were from Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck! I read it a year ago. But... how did they get here? "Hello?!" I snapped back to reality when Gamzee waved his hand infront of my face. "Oh... Sorry.. i'm _______."
"Well nice to meet you _______." I smiled a bit and walked to the kitchen. "You all want food?"
They all followed me and nodded. "Have any Faygo?" Gamzee asked leaning on a counter.
"Yeah." I pointed to the fridge and he went and got a bottle. "2o wait.. you can drink that 2hit?" I chuckled a bit. "Yeah, its just soda. I didn't know about it until a year ago though so i'm still getting used to the taste."
"How'd you find out about it?" Gamzee asked before taking a drink of his Faygo. I blushed a bit. "Well... thats a secret."
~Sorry its so short i was typing this on my dad's phone on Writer and it seems alot longer than this tho I thorry for the thort chapter and this was supposed to be a story for my entertainment and this is my first X Reader Insert story so yeah...~

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