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It was time to get to school as the 4 talked about random things that seemed interesting to them as they past by a lot of people but they where whispering something to one another until Sasukie decided to speak up, "what's going on" he asked a random girl "there was a huge explosion in part of the village last weekend and the police are trying to find out who did it cant find the trace of the person who did it" she says as Sasukie nodded "thank you" he says walking back.

"what she say" Sasuke says "there was a huge explosion in the town just were the forest way" Sasukie says as Sasuke nodded and looked at Naruto who was still confused.

But Sasuke knew about the whole explosion cause he was there when it happened.

"hey Sasuke do you know about the explosion if so than can you tell what was going on" Sasukie says "a huge mix up" Sasuke replied as he opened his locker to put the things he didn't need in the bag while he kept rest as he went to his, next class were he saw he saw Naruto sitting as he was thinking really hard.

"hey Naruto what's on your mind" Sasuke asks "just about the explosion people has been talking about" Naruto says as he was confused "don't worry about it" Sasuke says as Naruto only nodded "ok Sasuke" he says and smiles.

But soon the bell ringing signaling everyone to get to class and since Naruto and both Sasuke were already there they could just continue talking like they were just a few seconds ago "we're gonna have to shopping today" Sasuke says, as he sighed "ok" Naruto says "hey guys" Sasukie says as he waved and sat down and Menma sat in his own chair.

"Sasukie we literally just separated a few minutes ago" Sasuke says while his twin shrugged "what ever" Sasukie says as he smirked "but anyway..." Sasukie was cut off as students started to walk into the class room, as they were talking and talking getting louder when ever someone else tries to talk which ticked Sasuke and both Menma off so they both looked behind them at everyone as they went stone silent after seeing there glare but someone the girls fangirled and others were terrified, "alright kids settle down settle down there's some news" Kakashi says as he puts a paper down on his desk "Sakura is in the hospital today so she wont be here" he says as he seemed slightly happy about that........

"so she wont be here for some months" he says  again "that is all" once that was all said some of the students sighed, some silently cheered, Naruto seemed relief with her not being here.

Sasuke looked at Naruto and slightly smirked before it went away "now let's began with out lessons alright" Kakashi says as he began the lesson while some of the students actually listened to.

But after an hour everyone was exported by the bell except for Sasuke who had to stay "what is it Kakashi" Sasuke asks as he looked at his teacher/sensei "team 7 is going to the hospital today to pay her a visit" Kakashi says "do I really have to go" Sasuke asked, not really wanting to go "yes you do Sasuke" Kakashi says as he started to read one of his books while the raven rolled his eyes and walked out of the class room to his next class but something didn't seem right as he made it to his class he had this weird over protective vibe as he was guided, to the boy's bathroom so he went in as he saw his brother on the ground holding his head.

"What happened Sasukie" Sasuke asks his brother who looked up at him "don't worry about Sasuke just snapped a little hehe" his brother says as he gave a slight smirk but Sasuke knew something was up.

 "Tell.Me.Now" Sasuke demanded "all right all right I'll tell you it's the way everyone is acting" Sasukie admitted as he sighed and got up from his fatal position on the ground.

Sasuke sighs as he hugged his own twin "there was a fight wasn't there" Sasuke asked his brother who than nodded and hugged back "ya me and Menma argued a bit" he says as he was now being petted on the head by Sasuke "It's fine to argue sometimes" Sasuke, says "no Sasuke this is the 3rd time we've argued" Sasukie says as he whimpered "than go and apologize than" Sasuke says  as his brother only nodded  "alright" Sasukie says letting go a Sasuke and they both left the bathroom and went to there classroom.

Once Sasuke got there he saw Naruto who seemed to be feeling uncomfortable "hey Naruto what's wrong" Sasuke asks sitting down beside Naruto who than whispered in his ear "don't worry ok" Sasuke says as he took out his book he needed his the class.

Time Skip

School was over as Naruto, Menma, and Sasukie left to go home except for Sasuke who stayed put at the front gates waiting for his team mate that he now hated and his sensei to get there which didn't take very long as he saw, Sai now they just had to wait for Kakashi to get there which took forever for there teacher to get there so that slightly annoyed him.

"sorry for being late I was helping one of the teacher's with one of there students who didn't want to leave" Kakashi says while the uchiha only rolled his eyes.

They than left to the hospital to give sakura a visit once there the atmosphere seemed so strange to Sasuke as everyone was distant and on edge "excuse me ma'am were here to see sakura haruno" Kakashi says  as  the nurse nodded and looked on the computer "alright she's in room 308" the nurse says as he nodded and went to the elevator.

they found her room and entered but something wasn't right.


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