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Wrapped around your finger

Exactly 3 days had passed since Bam had talked to Ryan on the phone. Bam was currently at his parents' house, sitting in the kitchen with his mom who he had told all about the 'plan'. Their eyes were locked on the phone on the table in front of them, waiting for Ryan to call.

When Bam first told his mom about the plan she wasn't too pleased. She didn't know Hunter too well, only from the things she heard from Bam, and for all she knew she could be exactly like Missy.

"It's just—everytime I see her it feels like I'm at home.." Bam said.

His mother glanced at him for a second, concern written over her face.

"How long have you known her for?" She asked.

"A little while now.. I mean, sometimes she tagged along with Ryan whenever we went drinking, but I never really talked to her back then.."

"What changed?" Ape asked.

"Her fiancé, he cheated on her.."


"She moved into Ryan's apartment, temporarily of course, and one day I just happened to swing by.."

"Doesn't Ryan mind that she's there all the time, I never knew him to be that caring?" She asked, only half joking.

"He loves her, she's his best friend," Bam said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Ape thought for a second, "are you sure she's worth it?"

Bam couldn't help but smile, "I'm sure mom. This girl, she makes me crazy," he said.

His mom smiled a little. She hadn't seen her son this happy in a long time, for a second it looked like the old Bam had returned, the one before Missy.

"Well, maybe you should bring her over sometime," she said and watched as Bam looked at her in shock.

"Are you serious?" Bam said excited, "so does that mean you approve?"

Ape placed her hand on his shoulder, "as long as she makes you happy. But you have to promise me something, if she ever turn—" Bam's mother was interrupted by the ringing of Bam's phone.

"It's Ryan," Bam said quickly before picking the phone up, "what did she say?"


"I finally talked to Ape about it," Bam started talking again, while Ryan was frowning on the other side of the line, "I told her about the plan—"

"Yeah, about that—"

"I feel like whatever her answer is," Bam interrupted Ryan again, "I'm going to do everything to get to know her better—"


"—I'm gonna prove to her that I'm a thousand times better than that Liam guy. I'm going to treat her like a guy is supposed to--," Bam said.  April smiled at her son's words, she really hoped this would work out for him. That's all she ever wanted, to see Bam happy again.

'Bam!" Ryan snarled before Bam started to ramble again.

"What?" Bam replied, a little taken aback by Ryan's outburst.

Ryan let out a couple breaths and pinched the bridge of his nose out of frustration.

"I—I don't know," Ryan said. He couldn't find the right words, but could you blame him? He might've just ruined everything.

"What did she say?" Bam replied calmly. His mother shot him a worried look.

"I can take it man, you can say it if she doesn't like me.." Bam added.

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