Chapter 2

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For the first time in a long time, Eliza didn't want to stay in bed. After she woke, she got up, took a shower and changed ten minutes before the alarm rang. The girl went to the kitchen and didn't see her mother. It was rare for her not seeing neither parents eating breakfast by the time she woke. Guess they came home pretty late last night, she thought, opening the fridge.

"Eliza? What are you doing up so early?"

"Hey mom," the girl said, looking through the ingredients. "I just woke early today."

"I'll make breakfast," her mother said, yawning.

"Don't need. I'll cook today."

"Okay..." Even without seeing, Eliza could feel her mother's gaze on her back. "Did something good happened?"

"Nothing much. I just... I just woke and didn't feel like staying in bed," Eliza said, avoiding her mother's eyes. Though it was the truth, the girl would rather her parents didn't know the reason behind the change in her mood. She shrouded at the thought of them finding out she liked discovering her classmates' secrets for hobby. Since they care so much about me and what I apparently do, I have the right to spy on their lives too.

"That's... great..."

The girl sensed the relief in her voice. Don't look at me like that... It's just my weird hobby, that's all. Nothing's changed, she thought, quickly changing the subject. "I saw the news. It must've been hard. What time did you guys get home?"

Her mother yawned again. "Late. Thanks," she added when Eliza poured a cup of coffee and gave to her. She took her time drinking it and then pressed her eyes with the free hand. "It was awful. The patients just kept coming. I've never seen so many chemical burns in my life."

Eliza tried her hardest to not imagine and kept cooking the eggs until her mother stopped trembling.

"From what I heard, they were the simple cases," her mother went on after a while. "The worst ones were taken to the capital, but even they couldn't handle all the victims."

"Sounds terrible." It was the only thing Eliza said.

"It was," her father said, yawning. He looked just as tired as her mother did and when he sat on the chair, he dozed off, his head swaying slightly. Suddenly he shook his head and opened his eyes, blinking a few times. Eliza poured him a cup of coffee too and he drank half in one swallow. "Thanks. We only started working late at night. After they put out the fire, they had to decontaminate the place so we could start looking for survivors. It was... really bad there." Her father shivered and drank another sip.

Eliza put the food on the table and started eating. "Do they have any idea what cause it?"

"We don't know the details, but some people said it was human error," her father said and ate his food in silence.

Eliza wanted to tell their parents to take a day off and rest, but she held the words in the mind. They can't... we need the money because of me, she knew. If I tell them something, they'll get mad, so the only thing I can do is not screw up. She finished her breakfast, said goodbye to her parents and went to school.

The building almost seemed deserted. Guess few people come here this early. Better for me, she thought, as she headed to her classroom. For the first time that week, Eliza didn't hear the usual whispers that followed her. So if I don't waste time in bed, I get a little peace in the morning? Good to know. She sat on the desk farthest from the door and turned to the window.

From here, Eliza could see the main gate and the few early birds students, but with her normal sight, there was no way she could distinguish them. For a second Eliza considered using her powers. Better to not use too much, she thought, rubbing her eyes gently. I need to save it if I'm gonna tag her.

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