Chapter 9: The Last Descendant

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There were three solid pounds on the iron door of Cail's cell, waking him up abruptly. After the pounding ceased, it swung open and Cardil stood in the doorway, dressed in the same cloak he wore the night before. He looked at Cail and said, "It's time. Are you well rested?" Cail nodded his head and followed Cardil out of the cell.

There was no exposure to the fresh air and sunlight down in the depths of the mountain, so Cail had no idea how long he had slept the night before. The corridor they walked through, made of the same iron as Cail's cell, led to another cell. This wasn't a holding cell, though. It was an interrogation room. Instead of having a cot in the corner, there was a square, wooden table with a candle burning brightly on top of it. After shutting the door behind Cail, Cardil sat down in one chair and motioned for Cail to sit in the other.

Once Cail sat down, the wizard deeply gazed into Cail's eyes, as if he was trying to read the prisoner like a book. For several excruciatingly long moments Cail sat nervously, waiting for Caldir to do something, anything. After what seemed like an eternity, Caldir said, "I would like to apologize for being ill-mannered last night. You never did tell me your name?"

Being irritated with the wizard, Cail responded, "You were able to read my mind in the forest last night, so why don't you tell me what my name is?"

Caldir was taken back by Cail's brusqueness, especially after an apology. Disregarding Cail's irritation, Caldir said, "Me being able to read your mind is your own fault, but that's a topic for a different day. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to know who I'm speaking with?"

"My name is Cail," he responded, giving into Caldir's request.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Cail," Caldir responded. Cail was suspicious of the Caldir's change in demeanor. "Do you enjoy watching the morning sun?"

"I beg your pardon?" Cail asked.

"When the sun rises from the horizon in the morning, do you find pleasure in its beauty?"

"I suppose so," Cail responded, unsure of what Caldir's intentions truly were. "Who doesn't?"

"Agreed. The pulchritude of a dawning sun is the exact reason I leave the caves every morning to witness its magnificence."

"I'm confused as to why you're telling me this," Cail interrupted.

"I'm telling you this because on this particular morning, I ventured out to the cliff I usually perch myself on and marveled at the rising sun. However, something else floating in the eastern clouds caught my eye. An island located exactly where Elona used to be." Cail remained silent, unsure of how to respond. "I find it very curious that a new island emerges on the exact eve that I find a mysterious traveler in our woods. Now, you've told me your name, but what you have not told me is who you really are."

Cail, knowing there was no fooling the wizard, defiantly said, "My name is Cailean Ozean, and I am the Lord of Elona. I uncovered a magic which caused a barrier between our worlds to be broken, and my intention is to discover the mysteries surrounding this magic." Caldir leaned back in his chair, pondering over what he had just been told.

"You found a staff deep in the forest of Elona, did you not?" Caldir asked, brushing his thick beard with his lanky fingers.

"You know of this staff?" Cail inquired, hoping to discover some answers.

"Know of it? Why, my lad, I'm the one who forged it!" Caldir said, cracking a smile on his face. "My kin and I forged a few magical staves a long time ago and gave them to esteemed individuals, but it has been centuries since I've seen one. Where is yours? I would very much like to examine it."

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