Feeling Good

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Sasha was infected too.
She, Glenn and I were holding Henry down. He was having a attack.
Hershel blew some air in his lungs with the airbag.

Hershel " drink some of that, all three of you"

Glenn gave me a cup and then her. I gulped it all down .

Hershel " some council meeting, huh?"

Sasha coughed  " we are three members short. "

Hershel " i think we should make some new rules before they get back.  I hereby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. "

I coughed and Sasha groaned.

Hershel " first we have to find some spaghetti. You okay to take over?"

He looked at Sasha and he gave her the airbag.

Hershel " every five to six seconds, squeeze. You start feeling lightheaded, grab somebody else to hold onto. We'll take it in shifts. "

Hershel looked at me and Glenn " You want to help me go on my rounds?"

Glenn and i nodded " yeah"

He stood up and helped me up.

Me "how long will that keep him alive?"

Hershel " as long as we are willing to do it. As long as it takes.

We walked downstairs. Everyone was lying in cells. .

I saw one of then dead in the cell.

I whispered " guys"

They looked at me. Glenn took his knife out.

Hershel shook his head" not here"

I started coughing again.

They rolled him out. Hershel prayed for him and Glenn killed him.

I walked into the room with the glas wall.

Dad stood on the other side. He looked hurt as he saw me.

i cracked a smile " hey, daddy"

Dad shook his head. 

Not believing what he's seeing.

Dad " Why didn't anybody tell me?"

Me " I didn't want it. "

I shook my head " please, Don't tell him. He'll try to get in here and get me out"

Dad " He's not even here. "

I nodded " I know"

I looked closer at him. He did something.

Me " How's Carl? How's Judith?"

Dad " They are locked up. Safe"

Me " good. Dad?"

Dad " hm?"

Me " What did you do?"

Dad sighed " Carol was the one who burned David and Karen"

My jaw dropped.

Dad " I told her not to come back with me. I told her it's for the best"

Me " Da-"

Dad " just don't tell anybody, Ken".

I nodded " fine "

Dad " you are going to survive this"

Me " doesn't feel like it"

Dad " you are my daughter.  You will survive this."

Me " I love you, dad . And if Daryl comes back and I'm not here, tell him I love him too"

Dad shook his head " you'll tell him that yourself "

I scoffed and walked back out.


I hear growling. I groaned and stood up. Suddenly a shot fell. I looked around. Walkers were coming out of the cells. 

I walked to him as fast as I could and took the gun from the dead man. I started shooting at the walkers.

I heard Hershel call me " Ken, it's Glenn"

Maggie came in.

I yelled " Maggie!"

Glenn was in shock. Coughing.

Hershel " we got this, Ken. "

He did the same with him like with Henry with the airbag. Glenn calmed down.

Later the others came back. Seems like Daryl didn't know that i was in here.
Hershel then injected me something that made me feel better. Glenn was stable. Tough son of a bitch.

Next day morning.

I walked out. I was feeling great. I looked around and saw Daryl by a car. I smiled and ran to him.
He heard me and looked at me.
I jumped in his arms.
I hugged him so tight.

Daryl " you should've told me you were feeling sick"

I shook my head " I couldn't "

Daryl " thought I would never see you again"

I looked at him "I love you, Daryl"

He kissed me "  i love you too, Kendal"

I smiled.

I heard Carl calling me " Keni?"

I jumped of Daryl and turned to him. I smiled at him and ran to him.
I huged him and he huged me back.

Carl " how are you feeling?"

Me " good"

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