Chapter 11

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My alarm woke me up at 8. I got up and went for a shower. After 20 minutes I came out and since I still didn't organise my clothes in the closet, I had to dig in my suitcases to search for them making a whole lot of mess.

I'll put them in today!

Finally I changed into a beige coloured shirt with beige pants. After slipping on my nude heels, I did my makeup routine and applied a nude lipstick to compliment my look. I then took my Gucci bag and slipped my wallet and phone in it. Leaving my hair open, I applied sindoor and left for work.

I made a quick coffee for myself and was about to leave when

How will I go? I don't even have car.

I went toward Siddharth's room and knocked hoping he was still home. When I didn't get a reply, I opened the door wide. Taking a big whiff of his smell, I left confirming that he already left.

How was I supposed to go to office now?

I locked the door and went downstairs. I was just leaving the building when the guard called me.

"Mam, Siddharth sir told me to give you these car keys"

"Thanks" I took them and smiled.

He cares. Yay!

I sat in the car and started to drive in a good mood. The car was new and smelled of leather. I liked it. Since Siddharth lived in Gurgaon, the office wasn't that far and I reached by 9.30. The car parked, I greeted the receptionist and went towards the lift.

Pressing the button for my floor, I waited. The doors opened and I entered the morning chaos. As soon as I came into notice, all the hustle bustle stopped and everyone was staring at me while whispering to each other.

Oh god. I can't deal with them.

I ignored everyone and went towards my cabin. I just sat in my chair when the door knocked and Sanjay uncle entered.

"Hello Uncle" I greeted him and stood up to give him a hug.

"No uncle from now on. Call me dad" He said once we broke the hug and kissed me on my forehead.

"Dad have a seat" I said smiling and sat next to him on the sofa.

"How are you? Is Siddharth treating you well?" he asked

We have to act like a happy couple outside. His words came back,

"Yes. I am very happy and he's taking care of me" I said shyly, hoping he'll believe me.

"Oh. You have made me so happy beta" uncle beamed at me and continued "I have been so worried and feeling guilty because of this decision, but you have taken all my worries away"

"I'm glad I did but even if we weren't happy together we wouldn't want you guys to shoulder the guilt. You did the best you can in that situation"

He smiled at me and left after giving me a hug. I went to my desk and started working. After an hour my secretary, Anita entered and asked me to go Siddharth's office as he wanted to meet me.

I was dreading this moment. I don't want to face him.

I prolonged meeting him as much as I can but when Anita reminded me again, left with no other option I dragged myself to his office.

I stood in front of his cabin and knocked.

"Come in" his voiced making me shiver. His voice is yum!

I entered and saw him working, will all the confidence I could muster I asked "You wanted to meet me?"

On hearing my voice, he looked up and stared at me from top to bottom. Wherever he looked, he left a hot trail behind. His intense stare was making me hot all over and making me blush. Suddenly his gaze stopped at my sindoor and his eyes had some emotion in them which I didn't understand.

When he still kept on staring, I cleared my throat loudly and said "S..Sir?" and cursed myself for sounding so weak, all the confidence gone.

As if someone doused him with cold water, he came out of his trance and and in a hard voice answered "You don't have to call me Sir anymore, call me by my name"

"Okay. Siddharth you wanted to meet me?" If he noticed me stressing on his name he didn't comment on it for which I was thankful.

"Yes. We have a new project and I want you to lead the team. We'll meet the client tomorrow at 12. So be ready"

"Really? That's great. Who is the client?" I asked giddily, I'll be leading the team. Wow!


"Is it the new hotel they are opening in Delhi?"

"Yes, how do you know? They haven't told anyone yet" He enquired with a confused face.

"Mayank told me yesterday when he came home" I replied and saw his face harden at my sentence.

"When and Why did he come home?"  He asked with gritted teeth while he got up and stood in front of me.

"He came to meet me in the afternoon yesterday" I answered a bit shaken with his close proximity.

"Ask your boyfriend to be discreet with his meets" he added in a monotone.

"He's no.." he cut me in between and said,

"We don't want the whole world to know the truth about our marriage"

At his words and accusations being thrown at my face I lost it and instead of denying everything I angrily answered "I know what we have or what we don't have. This whole thing is a sham I know already, you don't have to remind me every second. And don't you worry dear hubby, in the future my boyfriend and I will be very discreet for our meets"

With each word his anger increased and in a tight voice he said "Leave"

"Gladly" I answered in the same tone and left while slamming the door loudly behind me.



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