chapter 3

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Carra's P.O.V

That was weird, Lucas had walked over to us and not even looked my way. Not that I cared or anything, I thought frowning to myself. I wonder what he wants to talk to Eric about.

"Carra do you know Lucas?" Anna asked excitedly

"I've mean I meet him yesterday, but I would not say that I know him." I replied.

"Carra, he's the most popular boy in school. He and his friends are the most popular kids."

The thought of that made me cringe. Adam had been the most popular boy at our school too. All that got me was hate and people being truly ugly to me. I hated that Adam could still get to me that he was still interfering with my life.

"I don't care to be friends with the in-crowd Anna. I just want to fall into the back ground I don't want to stand out." I said meaning it.

"I know what you're thinking, but Carra he's not like that. None of them are, there all nice. I've never actually meet any of them, but you never see them being ugly to people. Or thinking that there better than anyone." She defended him.

Maybe she was right I could not judge them all by Adams actions.

Lucas's P.O.V

"I wanted to see if you could come over to my house after school. I want to talk to you about something, but I don't think that this the place to do it." I told Eric.

"Does this have something to do with my sister? I don't think she's ready to get involved with any one right now." Eric said a look on his face.

"Look, all I want is for you to hear me out that's all." I said pleading my case.

"Fine, give me your address and I'll meet you there. I'm going to get back to Carra now. I want to make sure that she's ok." He said looking towards the cafeteria.

As I watched him walk away I pulled my phone out and hit speed dial.

"Mom I need your help," I said when she answered.

"What is it son?"

"I invited my mate's brother over after school. So that I can explain what we are. Plus, the whole mate thing. I'm hoping that if he knows about us and what a mate is he can help me with his sister."

"Alright son you know I'll help you any way I can."

"Thanks mom is dad home yet?" I asked hoping he wasn't.

"No but he should be here by the time you get home from school."

"Mom, do you think that he's going to be upset that I'm not going to mate with Alexia?" I asked anxiously waiting for her response.

"Lucas, your father may be stubborn but even he knows to never get between mates. True mates are rare, and I know he's going to be happy for you." She said reassuring me.

"I hope so mom."

"Don't worry about it so much fate says that the two of you are meant to be together and fate will make sure it works out."

"Thanks mom," I said as I hung up.

"So, I'm guessing your mom's in," Stephen said with a grin.

"Yea she is."

Man, I loved that women I thought smiling. There had never been a time that she didn't have my back.

Carra's P.O.V

"So, our school is throwing this giant carnival and schools from all over are invited," Anna said looking over at me.

"Everyone one here is so excited there's going to be allot of different bands. Lots of food and games," she said smiling.

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