Chapter 15

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Ally's POV
After Y/N and I got dressed we got dressed Y/N opened the door and the girls came rushing in. "Ew smells like sex." Camila laughed. "Why is she the only normal one?" Y/N asks me while pointing at Camila. "She was the only one that didn't like the plan and she liked you as a person." Ally explained. "Does this mean we're all good?" Dinah asks. Y/N pulled me into her and held me tightly. 

"I don't know, are you girls going to come up with another stupid ass plan?" Y/N sasses. "Shut up, baby." I whispered into her ear. "Sorry?" Camila said. "Not your fault banana queen." Y/N said. "I hope this isn't bad timing but do you have any bananas? I haven't had one all day and I am having withdrawals." She said and Y/N chuckled. "Tell my secretary to bring some." Y/N told Camila. 

I turned in Y/N's lap and pulled her into a kiss. "I love you" She whispered. "I love you too." I whispered. That's all she seemed to be saying ever since we finished our little fun. I felt her getting hard again and I looked at her with a little smile. 

"We wanted to talk to you about something. That's why we originally came here." Lauren spoke up. "What do you want?" She asks. "A contract. Maverick and SyCo Records are failing and we don't want to be apart of that. They are treating us like money making machines and it feels like we're slaves." Dinah said. "I can give you a five year contract and pay you 10% more but you will be treated just like every other artist." Y/N explained. 

After the little discussion with the girls Y/N and I were sitting down on the couch in her house. "I missed you, I got help. I got help a couple of months after you left, I thought you left because of the way I was. I thought that if I changed the old me you would come back." She told me. "I'm happy you got help baby, I am happy you thought of me when you did it but you should have done it for yourself." I told her and she shook her head. 

She smiled at me and brought me into a kiss. "I never wanted to hurt you, I just couldn't control myself, I was just so angry." She sighed. "I know baby, I don't blame you." I told her honestly. "I do, I blame myself for what I did to you and I know it was my fault. I should have controlled my anger and took a second to breathe." She sighed. 

I grabbed Y/N's face and made her look at me. "I love you and the present and future is all I care about. The past is the past... We move on and live our life." I told her. She leaned forward and connected our lips. "I feel like all this is a dream and you aren't actually there." She laughed. "Because it is a dream." I whispered. "What?" She said. "Wake up." I whispered. 

I shot up and I sweating like crazy. I looked around and I seen that I was still in this stupid ass rehab. Everything was just a dream? Ally never came back? She doesn't love me? The last day was all a dream. This sucks ass.

"Time to get up Y/L/N, today is your last day." The nurse said. I got up and decided to pack now so that I could go early. I had nobody to pick me up, I had nobody in general. My dad did die, the stuff was left in my name and my brother did kill my dad which landed him a spot in prison. That was true but not Ally coming back and telling me she loved me. 

I walked out of the rehabilitation center and I was so happy. Being in that place was like hell. I got the help I needed and now I am going back to running the business that my dad owned. I swear if they're stuck up bitches than I am going to fire them on the spot. 

"Hi." I heard a familiar voice. I quickly turned around and I seen Ally standing there. "No this is a dream." I shook my head. "I'm real Y/N, I'm here." Ally whispered. "You said that in my dream." I said. I shook my head and pinched myself before I seen everything turning black. 

I shot up and I looked around. I seen that I was in my house and alone. I stood up and walked downstairs to get something to drink. I stopped when I seen Zendaya sitting there with coffee in her hand. "What are you doing here Zendaya?" I questioned. "you have a meeting with what's his face, the guy with no upper lip and the one that looks like a girl." I laughed at her description. 

"Alright well lets go Daya." I said and she nods. "Your driver is outside already, I have your suit in the car. Get dressed on the way." She told me and I saluted her before we made our way out of the house.  

After a long day at work I was on my way back to Miami to check up on the business that I let my old assistant take care of. Zendaya was coming with me and she was going to be staying in the nicest hotel in Miami while I was working on the shit Britney did wrong. (I think her name is Britney)

"You miss her don't you?" Zendaya breaks me out of my thoughts. "Who?" I acted like I didn't know who she was talking about. "Ally, the girl that you always had sex with in the office? You two were inseparable, you miss her don't you?" She asks. "I miss her yes but she is gone and I am here to take care of myself. If she doesn't want to be with me then oh well. Life goes on, can't dwell on the past." I said before looking out the window. 

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