3rd POV:

What both Charley and Katie don't know is that their new next door neighbor is watching them walk away from their house.

Katie's POV:

Charley and I finally arrived at Adam's house where we were met by Ed. "Dude, where the hell have you two been?" Ed asked. "You said after school." Charley said. "Yeah, I mean right after. This is dusk." Ed stated. "In my defense, I worked a late shift." I said in defense. "Still. Don't you two know what that means?" Ed asked. "No. We have no idea. Let me consult in my pocket dictionary." Charley replies, sarcastically. "Nice" Ed muttered before knocking on the door.

"Hello? Anybody home?" Ed asked. "Nope." Ed muttered before ringing the doorbell. But there was no answer. Ed then snuck into the house through the dog door that Adam's parents have. He opens the door and lets Charley and I in. "This is nuts." Charley mutters as Ed opens up a dufflebag. "I really hate to tell you this, but that guy, your neighbor, he's a vampire, guys." Ed said.

Ed....I love you like another brother, but this is not funny.

Charley wasn't buying it. "Our neighbor? Next door?" Charley asked. "Yeah." Ed replied. "Jerry? We just met him." I said. "Okay, Jerry." Ed muttered as he pulls out a wooden stake. "That is a terrible vampire name. Jerry?" Charley said. "I didn't name him, man. I'm just reporting the facts." Ed stated as he walked down the hall. "Dude." Charley sighed out as I followed him. I felt something burning in the back of my skull and when I turned around, nothing was there. I just shook my head and continue to venture through Adam's house.

"Hello? Adam?" Ed whispered as we went up the stairs. Then, Charley stomps, heavily. "Shh!" Ed hissed. "Yo. It's Ed." Ed whispered as we went into to one of the rooms. Then, Ed got startled and started stabbing the cardboard cut-out with a stake and a crucifix. "Geez, I feel stupid. It's a cardboard cut-out." Ed said. "Nice." Charley said, sarcastically.

"They're not here, dude." Charley said. "It's not just them, okay. Listen to me. I saw this thing on channel 13 where there was this lady who escaped an attacker that tried to bite her." Ed said. "Why are you walking like that?" Charley asked, noticing how Ed was walking very cautiously.

"All right. Listen to me. Adam and I graphed out all the attacks, all the disappearances. Whole families, gone." Ed said. "It happens all the time. Nobody lives in Vegas. They just pass through." Charley stated. "You two live in Vegas. That's your house there in the center, next to his house and Perry's old place." Ed started, showing us a graph of our subdivision. "His windows are completely blacked out." Ed said. "Lots of people have blacked out windows. They work on the Strip at night, sleep during the day." Charley said. "Which is why it's the perfect plan. It fits!" Ed said. "What? That Jerry's a Dracula?" Charley asked as all of us went out of the room. "No. Dracula is one specific vampire. I'm telling you....." Ed started but was cut off by Charley.

"Dude, I know what you're telling me. I'm making fun of you. I'm mocking you." Charley said. I glared at Charley when he said that. "Awesome." Ed said, sarcastically. "You read way too much Twilight." Charley said. "That's fiction, okay. This is real. He's a real monster, and he's not brooding, or lovesick, or noble. He's the fucking shark from Jaws. He kills, he feeds, and he doesn't stop until everyone around him is dead. And I seriously am so angry you think I read Twilight." Ed said.

I should seriously quote Ed on what he just said about Twilight.

I just shook my head at Charley as I followed Ed out, but Ed came back in. "You two haven't asked him in, have you? Because he obviously can't get in without an invitation. I know that you two know that." Ed said. I think Ed is forgetting that a vampire can get in without an invitation when the location is abandoned. "You're on drugs, dude." Charley said. "No, well....yeah. But I thought you'd take my word on this, man. I have hard evidence at home." Ed said. "Okay." Charley said as Ed went into his parents room. When there was no sign, he walked out.

"All right, listen. We have to stake him in his nest, okay? Us three. But not now. It's too dark. We should go during the day. That's what I read on Peter Vincent's website." Ed said. "The magician?" Charley asked. "Yeah." Ed replied. "The magician with the bandanna and the leather pants and the tattoos?" I asked. "Yes. He's the master of dark forces. He studies vampire methodology. What else do you need?" Ed asked. Then, the two exchanged wows for a little while. "Guys!" I snapped, making them stop.

"Can we just pretend for one minute that you're not a complete douchebag?" Ed asked. "Finally! Someone says it." I said. "Evil, this was fun when we were eight." Charley said. "And by eight, you mean sixteen?" I asked. "Whatever! The point is that I grew up. If you don't want to, it's fine, but don't get an attitude because I'd rather have a life than make shit up." Charley said. "I get it. You're so cool, Brewster. Go ahead and join your Clark High early peakers, and that includes your girlfriend." Ed said. "Shut up." Charley muttered. "She's undeniably doable, yes, I'll give you that, but we used to make fun of her and her friends." Ed continued. "Shut up." Charley muttered. "She's a skank. We used to make fun...." Ed continued. "Shut up!" Charley yelled as he shoved Ed. My eyes filled with tears as I put a hand over my gaping mouth as I took a step back.

He's gone.

My twin brother is really gone.

Gone forever.

"Adam's gone and you act like you don't give a shit. What the fuck happened to you? We were inseparable." Ed said, sadness clear in his voice. "You know, when my life started to get better? When I stopped being friends with you." Charley said. Ed then got up, without saying anything, and stormed out of Adam's house. A tear went down my cheek and Charley notices it. "Katie..." he started but I stopped him by putting a hand up to stop him from coming towards me.

"Stop! Okay. Just stop. As far as I'm concerned, I have no friend anymore, I have no brother anymore, you are just someone else that is blood related to me. You are turning into our father." I cried out as I exit Adam's house.

I wiped off the remaining tears that were on my face. I squinted my eyes as I saw the brightness of headlights. As the vehicle drew closer, I could see that it's a truck and I could see that the truck was stopping by me. "I'm not an escort, you know!" I exclaimed but then the truck pulled up to me and it was none other than Jerry Dandridge that is driving the truck. Right now, he has an amused expression etched onto his face.

My cheeks flushed of embarrassment as Jerry chuckled. "You need a ride?" Jerry asked. I raised an eyebrow. "Didn't I just say something about not being an escort?" I asked, suspicion laced in my voice. "We're just neighbors, Katie. Nothing wrong with being neighborly." Jerry said. I sighed out. "Fine." I said as I got into the shotgun seat of Jerry's truck and he drove off.

"I've notice that there is this tension between you and your brother." Jerry started as he drove. "It's that obvious, huh?" I asked and I sighed. "I don't know. I mean, he pretty much did a 180 over the past few months and he went from dork to douchebag. It even went to the extent of him ditching our friends we had since day 1 for Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee." I said. "It sucks, doesn't it?" Jerry asked and I raised my eyebrow in questioning. "Bad things always happen to the good people." Jerry continued. "I guess they do." I muttered as Jerry pulled up to my house.

"Thanks again for the ride, Jerry." I said and he smirked in response. I got out of his truck and I went into my house. After what Charley did to Ed made me sick to my stomach, so I lost my appetite. I told my mom that I wasn't hungry and I changed into my pajamas and I went into bed and thinking about what Jerry said.  


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