First Page (Note)

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So, I redid the entirety of this 'book', if thats what you want to call it. Deleted every page cause they were either really ugly, traced, or based, without any credit. Which I had neglected 3-5 years ago, now I very much have my own style, which is actually kind of anime-ish, I don't really know, its how I draw and I can't really draw any other way.

I take full responsibility in what I have done in the past with the basing and tracing, and I am disappointed in myself for allowing that to happen. If I am to reference, or possibly base, something I will absolutely make sure I give credit to the creator, if I, for some reason, cannot find who the creator is, I will let you know where I found the image.

Never again will I trace or base anything and claim it as my own, if I do I will personally revoke my kneecap privileges. Bye Cheshires!

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