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"Honestly, Baek. That impeccable memory of yours is going to get you in trouble one day. Especially if you just rattle off facts about those six like it's just second nature," Kyungsoo said as the two walked away. I finally allowed myself to breathe; having Chanyeol that close after what happened this morning was a nightmare.

"I know, I know. But you know I can't help it. And I get too bored in the office to not read something," I said, shutting the book that was wide open next to me. It was some advanced chemistry book, one I had started a couple hours before and would likely be done with within the next day and a half. It was meant for the grades above me, but I really didn't care. It was something for me to read.

"But you don't have to rattle off everything you know to everyone. If I wasn't your best friend I probably would have been freaked out the first time you read my records," Kyungsoo said, taking a sip form his milk tea. I just shrugged, starting to split our books between us for our next few classes.

"Yeah, well. I basically froze in front of Chanyeol this morning before I was able to say anything about him," I said, sighing as I recalled the events from that morning. Kyungsoo's eyes widened at that, shocked that I had frozen in front of someone.

"You froze in front of him? That's never happened before. Do you know why?" he asked, grapping his drink and taking another sip. I shook my head, my fists clenching and unclenching under the table.

"Not a clue. But I didn't like it, whatever the reason. And I need to figure out what it was," I said. I looked over to their table. They were all sitting there, the six of them being as energetic as ever. I let my gaze fall over all of them, the memories of their records and everything I've ever read on social media coming to mind.

Park Chanyeol, sixteen, junior. Below average grades, playboy level 4/10, lowest of group. Number 61, reasons why are unknown. Complete pain.

Oh Sehun, 15, freshman. Average grades, slightly above in some classes. Playboy level 5-6/10, all depends on what kind of moods he's in and what girls he decides to mess with. Always pokerfaced, number 99 with reasons still unknown. Youngest of group.

Wu Yifan, 18, senior. Oldest of group, very cold with playboy level 6/10. Basically the dad of the group. number 0 with reasons yet again unknown. Average grades. Was said to be involved in gang activity at one point, is also the only Chinese member of the group.

Kim Jongin, one of the three Kim's, 16, sophomore. Second youngest of the group, slightly above average grades. Playboy level 11/10, will sometimes date girls for half a day or date multiple girls at a time. Has never had sexual intercourse with a female, apparently males are another story. Never has a proper hairstyle.

Kim Jongdae, second of the Kim's. 17, junior, above average grades. He acts like an idiot, often seen with a small black squirt gun that he uses on the others. Shortest of the group, often teased for it. While he looks like an idiot, he is actually the brains of the group when it comes to certain things.

Kim Junmyeon, third and final of the Kim's. Second oldest of the group, he is seen as the mother and leader of them all. Age 18, senior, extremely short for one. Seems innocent, but still has a playboy level of 7/10. Most trustworthy and gentlemanly out of them, apparently.

When my brain finally failed to remember anything else about them, my vision cleared from the blurry mess it became. That always seemed to happen when I remembered things about people. Kyungsoo always said my pupils would dilate, and maybe that was the reason for the blurriness. But whatever the reason was, as soon as my vision cleared, I saw Chanyeol glaring at me.

I froze again, my breathe hitching in the back of my throat and my entire body tensing. His gaze was hard, cold, and everything I had seen only in strangers. I felt like I knew Chanyeol, and almost like we were friends. But I knew that only reading his records didn't mean I knew him, and I wasn't his friends.

His gaze continued to bore into me, and I couldn't help but feel like he was trying to see into my soul. He suddenly smirked, and I could feel the heat slowly rising to my cheeks before I quickly looked away. I stared down at the table, resisting the urge to look back at him again.

"What's wrong with you?" Kyungsoo said, finishing his drink off. "You're face is redder than Minseok's old hair."

I didn't answer, not really wanting to explain the fact that of all people, Park freaking Chanyeol, was doing that to me. I had never really experienced this before, and I really didn't know how to react. No, I kept quiet, carefully and slowly turning my head to look back at his table.

Luckily for me, he had turned his attention away from me. He was talking with his friends again, sipping on whatever drink he had in his hand as he laughed at something the others, most likely Jongdae, said. He had an incredibly large smile, that caused his scary looking face to soften slightly. It was... different, seeing Chanyeol smile like that. Eben for school pictures, he had a scowl-like look on his face. Almost like he hated everything and didn't want to be there.

"Oh ho ho! Does the infamous brains of the gang have a little crush on Park Chanyeol," Kyungsoo said, mocking me as he noticed me staring at Chanyeol. He had practically shouted it, and I could feel the heat rise to my face even more out of both anger and embarrassment.

"Kyungsoo! Don't shout things like that!," I shouted back, flicking his forehead in the process. He laughed, but quickly stopped when I leaned in closer. "And you should know not to mention that while we're in public!" I sneered, making sure to keep my voice at a whisper.

"Ah, fudge," he cursed himself. "I can't believe I just did that. I'm so sorry Baek. Please don't mention it to Lu or Xi. They'll never forgive me," he pleaded. It was kind of ironic. Usually I did something stupid and was pleading for him not to say anything. But everything was backwards just then.

"Fine, fine. But be careful. And let's go, the bells about to ring," I said, picking up my backpack and the few books that wouldn't fit in it. He did the same, picking up his tray as well. After dumping our garbage, we both started to head down the halls to our next class. Normally all our classes would be the same, but he was going to biology while i was heading to Literature. So we were forced to go down separate hallways, waving to each other as we split.

I wasn't ten feet down the hallway when someone grabbed my wrists, covering my eyes and pulling me to the side. I couldn't see anything, but I could hear the shut of the door and the flick of a switch to turn on some lights. The hand finally uncovered my eyes, revealing one of the classrooms that wasn't in use. The person flipped me around, pinning me harshly against the wall. I flinched at the impact, holding my books tighter and being glad my bag was there to soften the impact.

My eyes had been shut, but as I felt the person lean over me with their arm resting on the door, I opened them. I almost wish I hadn't, because when I did I froze again.

"So, Baekhyun, is it?" Chanyeol asked, smirk on his face as he leaned over me.

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