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By the time everyone had left, it was already about nine. I was completely tired, having helped all day and running around the entire time. Xiumin and I had been friends for years, and his parents trusted the two of us to keep track of the shop for them while they went on vacation. I typically wouldn't have an issue with it, but we were never usually this busy. But the six of us, with some of the other workers that actually get paid more than us, made it through somehow.

"God, I might as well be dead at this point," I muttered, stretching my arms upwards and cracking my back in the process. I quickly locked the shop up, dropping the keys in my backpack before slinging it across my shoulder. I didn't have a car yet, but I borrowed Minseoks car from time to time to do whatever since I did have a license. But, of course, he had to take the car already and leave me behind.

Hence, I started the long -well, not really long- trek back to my apartment. I really didn't live that far away from the shop, and I knew the area like the back of my hand. Too many times of running away from crazy girls who wanted my picture. It was normal, though, considering I was a model in middle school but quit when I realized I wanted to be a soccer player. I would have to check out the team when I finally started school.

I continued to walk back to the apartment, the sky getting darker and darker in the process. The moon was just starting to show up, a few stars joining it. There was no one else on the street, making the night even more peaceful. I had always loved the night. It was a time I could get away from everything, when I wanted an escape from the reality that was my life.

Of course, it came with its fair share of risks as well. Especially for me.

The sound of footsteps pulled my attention behind me. I reached up, turning around slowly as I pulled one of my headphones out. There was nothing there, but the dim lighting of the street light didn't give me any comfort either. I began to walk again, not getting twenty steps away before I heard it again.

I slowly began to quicken my footsteps, slipping my arm through the other strap of my backpack. I pulled my other headphone out, wrapping around my phone and placing it in the water bottle holder of my bag.  The footsteps sped up with me, the sound becoming more evident as it became closer.

Damnit Damnit Damnit, I cursed myself. Of all days, this is the one day I didn't carry my spare bag. That had all my essentials for situations like this. Shaking my head, I started to dead sprint down the sidewalk.  I wasn't that far from my apartment anyway, I should've been able to make it.

I took a sharp right turn, almost falling in the process. I could hear the person behind me actually fall, them cursing under their breathe as they struggles to keep up with me. Just as my building came into view, I sped up.

"Come on come on, just a little further." An arm jutted out of the alley way I passed, grabbing me by my bag and pulling me into it. "What the-"

A hand, which I'm assuming belonged to the arm, covered my mouth, making it impossible to finish my sentence. They're other arm wrapped around my upper body, trapping my arms close to my torso. I tried to pry myself free, my backpack creating a barrier between me and my captor.

"Stop struggling, I'm helping you," they said. Their voice was deep, and rough. Who the hell is this dude? Honestly, I thought. A sigh of relief from behind me and the loosening of the hand over my mouth opened the opportunity to me.

I bit down. Hard.

"Ah! Holy shit dude," he said, pushing me away. I flew forward, turning around to see who had been holding me. I froze when u saw who it was.

"Hey, you're that kid that came to my cafe earlier!" I said, pointing at him as he checked his hurt hand. His rainbow hair seemed duller in the dim lighting of the ally, but his strong feature and obvious height were still noticeable.

"Yeah, it's me. You're Luhan, right?" He asked, looking up at me. I just nodded,  having to remind myself he had heard my name earlier in the store. "Yeah, well, I'm Sehun."

"Why did you grab me?" I blurted. He stared blankly at me, his face void of any expression that would show literally any emotion what so ever.

"Because you were being stalked," he said. "Figured I'd help you, but I guess the only thanks I get is in the form of a bite mark."

"Well thank you, but I'm afraid I don't need your....  help, as you put it. I'm plenty capable of taking care of myself," I said, brushing myself off and fixing my jacket. He scoffed, and I just shrugged. I turned to leave.

"You're joining SM Academy, right?" He asked, stopping me in my tracks. But I didn't look back.

"Yeah? What about it?" I asked, loosening and tightening my grip on the backpack strap.

"See you there then, hyung."

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