Bitchy shall be your name

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** Home **

I set the box down and looked at the kittens strangly clolored things they were."Well  im guessing I gotta name you little cuteys" I said as i looked at all of them they all seemed interesting. The first one I picked up seemed to be mewing at the others he was orange with a creamish underbelly and paws while he had little black dots on his nose and ears and around his paws he looked like Pein from my favoite anime "Well you look like a spike" I said and the cat gave a low growl but I just set him down and went to pick up two this time the first one was all black but his eyes were a light shade of red with 3 red dots around it while the second one was completly blue with strips on his cheeks while having some sharp teeth these little things were amazing "You shall be Weasle and Sharky" I said and they both huffed, as i was about to pick up the next one, one of the kittens was mewing and hissing up a strom i looked to see a grayish white cat with black paws and purple eyes i really liked this one so i gently picked him up and he hissed "comeon little fella what seems to be eating you~?" I asked and he growled causing me to laugh "your a cutie i think your the best one yet, i shall name you bitchy"  and once i said that the cat froze and hissed at me and the other cats mewed as if they were laughing causing bitchy to hiss and growl like crazy and i sternly shook him "now now bitchy be clam~" I said before setting him down "3 done and 6 to go" I said over taking there looks, so i pointed to each one blonde cat white paws "blondie" all red "pepper" brown cat green and red eyes with stripes all over it "ta ta" black and white one "Yin Yang" and then lastly a black kitten with a orange face "lolliepop" and i took a deep breath "you little kittys are now mine and thats that~" I said and all the kittens just looked at me and mewed causing me to laugh and scoop spike up "Sir mister skipe sir there is some food in the kitchen if you want some" I said and the cat just glared at me and i quickly droped him on the couch and ran over to my labtop and began to click franticly and move the mouse around until "DONE~!" I yelled spooking the kittens causing bitchy to mewing furiously and i rolled my eyes "well spike your my newest drawing" I said showing them the picture my drawing it was a picture of him with a pice of yarn and he just looked at it then back at me "You guys like?" I asked and blondie mewed and i smiled and picked him up kissing his nose "Someone with taste" I said until i heard some mews and i saw them clawing my legs and i giggled "Hungry no need to worry i shall take care of that~!" I yelled and darted off to the kitchen blondie still in my arms. 

Me: *watching howls moving casle* Well thats a nother chapter~

Hidan: Its so fucking short~!

me:  well thanks for that wonderful comment i bet others think that to

Hidan: Your fucking right thats what they think

me: I was being sarcastic, you dick

Hidan: Meanine

me: Look whos talking you prick

Hidan: I love you to 

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