Chapter 56.

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Suman's POV.

I looked at Shravan as he started the car and then firmly turned my face away and looked out of the window.

If he tries to talk to me I will not respond I thought to myself. How can he be so careless? We had been so worried and clueless about where he was.

Luckily after entering his study and seeing the files he was going through we realised he had been checking on the case details. Immediately Pushkar left to check in his office and I came here with Charles.

I texted Pushkar that Shravan was with me. I smiled at his response:

'Rest in peace.'

Charles must have already called him to tell him what had happened I thought still smiling.

Shravan can honestly be that frightening when he is furious.

I frowned realising the car had already been in motion for a few minutes and Shravan had not yet tried to talk to me!

I half turned to steal a glance at him. He was driving with a grim expression on his face. his attention totally on the road in front.

Is he giving me the silent treatment? He cannot! I am the one who has the right to be angry here. Not him!

He is supposed to insist and beg me to talk to him! I stared at him for a few seconds and as though he sensed my eyes on him he glanced at me.

On seeing my eyes at him he raised an eyebrow giving me a smug look.

I turned away hastily.

The Arrogant man!

He had been like a raging volcano and totally helpless just few minutes back and now he seems cooler than a cucumber.

Right then the car pulled to a halt at the traffic lights. I risked a look at him and saw he was grinning and waving at me.

At last!

Immediately I turned my face away from him and looked out of the window - to find a pretty girl from the adjacent car wave at me too.

I frowned in confusion and looked at Shravan. That is when I realised he had not been grinning at me but at the girl in the next car!

The pretty girl in the next car.

The pretty blonde girl in the next car.

My eyes widened when I saw the girl signal at her phone and Shravan nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Just then his phone rang.

"Hey Betty! How are you sweetheart?" He babbled.


I turned to glare at the girl in the car and saw she had her eyes trained on Shravan as she smiled broadly and spoke into the phone.

"I know it's been ages since we met." Shravan said and I focused my glare at him now as he paused to hear whatever was being told on the other side.

"Yes weekend sounds perfect. Let's meet at our regular joint." Shravan said happily.

Too happily.

I turned to squint and glare at the girl in the next car and saw she was smiling ear to ear.

I wanted to pick up a stone and smash that window and maybe her teeth too!

No Sumo! Control. Take hold of your feelings. I took a deep breath but all control went out of the car window at Shravan's next words.

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