|Rhys| "I'm Sorry."

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Being his 'sidekick' meant everything to you

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Being his 'sidekick' meant everything to you. He may not have appreciated you, or. Took notice of you, his 'superior' attitude made you laugh, yet his kind personality, made you wish you were the one he aimed the kindness at, most of the time you weren't. Usually, it was Vaughn Fiona or Sasha. You just continued to stay quiet hacking into systems keeping the boy stocked with supplies, and well. Ceased to exist in his eyes.

However you were so close when you were kids, he'd show you beautiful things, the surface of Pandora, his 'Echo Eye' powers. The way he looked up to Handsome Jack. Made you think, what it was like to be looked up to, How it felt to be that high up. But now it just made you upset, it hurt. Not because of how Rhys treated you, but because Rhys still looked up to him, both of you did, and now all that was left from then, was the cold pain of 'betrayal' as you'd call it...


Rhys stood in his usual spot, his hands on his hips, his chest out looking up towards the picture of Handsome Jack that was mounted on the wall. A H/C haired girl walked over, she wore a pair of leather pants, with a white V-Neck shirt, a leather jacket hung over her shoulder; the word 'Hyperion' imprinted across the back. Y/N smiled softly towards the male as he stood in the same spot. She cleared her throat, Rhys noticed her presence and looked round.

"Y/N?!" The boy began, apparently startled.

A small giggle came from the girl's mouth as she walked over looking up at the poster.

"What do you think Hyperion would be like if he were still here?" She inquired.

The male looked towards her and sighed.

"I don't know Y/N... I don't. Me? I think it'd be better..."

"You think?" She beamed towards him.

Rhys loved the girl, the way she smiled made him blush. The way his heart thumped in his ears when he saw her walk past. Rhys had known her for some time, the two of them were inseparable. He wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he loved her. How much he wanted to rule over with her. However work always came before Y/N, after all, he had no choice, and that's the mistake he made which led the relationship to deteriorate.


The caravan was quiet, the H/C girl sat on a chair at the back tapping away at a computer, Fiona walked over placing her hand on the girl's shoulder, once she had noticed Rhys' gaze on the female.

Y/N looked up from her computer and tilted her head.

"You okay Y/N?" She asked.

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