Chapter 2 | | Detention à la Noah Evans

"Easy there, Princess.", his smirk grew wider as he noticed my utter perplexity.

From all the boys I could've ran into, the universe chose it to be none other than Noah Evans. I'm really not in the mood for his cockiness and his conceited behaviour.

I rolled my eyes and tried to pass him but he blocked my way. "Not so fast, Gorgeous. You haven't told me your name yet.", he said still wearing this dirty little smirk on his face. Wait ? Gorgeous? I think I'd be flattered if the comment wasn't coming from Mr. I-just-want-you-to-get-in-bed-therefore-I-tell-you-everything-you-want-to-hear."Not interested.", I replied, tried to pass him again, but he was still blocking my way.

"Never heard of that name. Is it European?", he asked sarcastically.

I must be dizzy by now because of all the eye rolling, Noah caused me already.

"Listen up, pretty boy. I really have things to get done and classes to attend. So please do me a favour and stop honouring me with your annoying presence because I really do not have the energy to deal with you right now. Got it ? Good."

I passed him, without him blocking me, leaving him with an astonished expression.

Great. Because of this asshole, I'll be late for History class and Mr. Parker is going to kill me. I entered the class where everyone was already sitting on their seats and Mr. Parker was standing at the front of the classroom.

"Late, are we, Ms. Rivera?"

"No shit Sherlock.", I mumbled.

"Excuse me ?"

"Nothing.", I said an sat down on my seat.

"Ms. Rivera, please leave your sarcastic remarks next time or you will get detention."

"Well, if you don't want sarcastic answers, don't ask stupid question."

The whole class was looking at me. Shit, did I just say that out loud ?



Ugh. Great. This is so far the worst day ever. I have already called Paula to tell her that I have to stay longer at school because I have detention. She was quite shocked. Although I'm sometimes a bit unruly, I was never behaving disrespectfully towards a teacher.

Mr. Parker never liked me anyways and to be honest, the feeling is mutual.

I might as well have left out the reason why I was late to class because she wouldn't stop asking questions and nothing worth telling has happened anyways.

I only had one boyfriend so far which she doesn't even know because I never told her. I never told anyone, not even my mom. This story belongs in the past and I'd prefer it to stay there.

As I came into the room, I immediately spotted Noah and his retinue, Jackson and Eddy, sitting in the left corner of the room. I totally forgot that they were some kind of regular clients of the detention room. Luckily, we are not allowed to talk which sadly means that I won't be blessed to hear his wonderful, breathtaking voice. Such a shame. Note the sarcasm.

I went over to the desk where the supervising teacher was sitting, handed him the detention and sat sown on a seat at the right hand side of the room. Far, far away from Noah.

It felt like an eternity, whereas only 15 minutes have passed by so far. I looked around the room. Apart from Noah and his friends, there were three other people in the room.

The first on was a cheerleader called Katie. I'm normally not good at remembering names, but I did a Biology project with her in freshmen year. She is one of the non-cliché cheerleaders who are actually quite nice and not that self-centred.

The second person was a guy, I believe who is called John. He is really creepy and rarely ever talks except to his friend Jason. He is one of the people who would be considered as an outcast. He is even too invisible to be bullied by one of the populars.

The third person is a girl whom I don't know, I've actually never seen her here before.

Suddenly our supervising teacher stands up. "I need to go, but I'll be back in around 15 minutes. If anyone of you leaves before I give them the permission to do so, you'll be punished.", he warned us and left the room.

Noah and his friend stood up and started walking towards me.

Oh God. Don't do it. Go away.

"Hello Princess.", he said and sat down beside me as well as Jackson and Eddy.


"What do you want Evans?", I replied,  trying not to look in their direction.

"I thought girls like you don't get detention. What kind of bad things did the good girl do?"

"Not that this is any of your business, but I talked back to a teacher."

"Since when do you talk back to teachers?", he cocked an eyebrow.

"Well, I talked back to you so what made you think I wouldn't do it to the teachers?"

"I like her. Can we keep her?", Jackson remarked and let out a chuckle.

I gave them a confused look. What am I ? A dog ?

"Yeah and I'm still not very pleased about it. You should better watch your mouth, Princess.", Noah gave me a serious look.

"Oh really? What do you want to do about it ? Date me ?", I responded sarcastically, praying for our teacher to come back so I wouldn't have to deal with them any longer.

Jackson and Eddy started laughing. "That girl just burned you, bro.", Eddy commented.

"Why are you so grumpy? I'm just trying to have a normal conversation with you ?"

"Noah, please just drop it. I'm really not in the mood to play games with you. Go get yourself a bimbo, but please do me a favour and leave me alone, okay?", I glared at him because I what I really meant what I said.

"But I like playing mind games, especially with you, Princess. It makes things interesting", he winked at me.

"You know what, Noah. Mind games do not make me believe you are mysterious or interesting. Mind games make me believe you are a waste of energy and a waste of my time", I answered back when suddenly our teacher came in to tell us that we are allowed to leave and I left without saying a word.

Finally, I can leave this hell hole and go home. Boys like Noah just make me want to throw up but If he wants to play then let the games begin.



Francisco Lachowski as Noah Evans

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