Chapter Thirty

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I stayed in my room for the rest of Sunday, locking the door, in case anyone decided they wanted to try and make me feel better. I know what Will and I had was basically nothing, and we had never said we were looking for anything more or looking for anything at all, the things that happened between us just happened. But that won't stop me from feeling hurt, I thought the feelings between us were mutual, and I know it was stupid of me to wait until he became distant to act on my feelings, but if I hadn't tried we could have ended up like the way we were after the babydoll project. At least this time I had an explanation, albeit not the one I wanted, but he's right, shit happens and people you like don't always like you back.

Early on Monday morning, I was awoken by small knocks at the door of my semi-permanent room, waking me up from my half asleep half awake state that I was in all night.

"I'm up" I mumbled, loud enough for the person on the other side of the door to hear, and hopefully leave.

"Can I come in and get my stuff?" My heart dropped at Will's voice behind the door, making me sit up immediately and regret it for the seconds after as my head began to spin.

Will he apologise if I let him in, or will he say nothing at all and just get his stuff ready to leave? Should I even let him in after all the cruel things he said yesterday?

"No," I said quietly, knowing that he'd still be able to hear it.

"No?" He repeated, clearly quite shocked.

"You can come in once I leave or whenever. I don't care, as long as I'm not there when you do it." I had been getting closer to the door, awaiting his reply, which came about 20 seconds after he had sighed, "Okay" was all he said.

I never heard his footsteps walk away, so I assume he's sitting outside the room.

I quickly stuffed all my belongs into my bag, and pulled on a pair of high waisted jean shorts, and an oversized plain white t-shirt that I tucked into the shorts and rolled the sleeves up on. I finished the no effort look with a pair of vans black and white checkered plimsolls. I tied my now uncontrollable hair into the neatest bun I possibly could. I knew that adding a small bit of concealer and possibly some bronzer to my face would make me look more alive, but I couldn't be bothered digging through my bag find my makeup.

I zipped my bag up, taking a seat on the bed and pulled out my phone, texting Violet to ask when we were leaving.

Hey Vi, when are we leaving?

Texting me when I'm right down the hall?

Ohh I see why now, he's sitting outside your door.

And uhh, I know Joe has put a couple bags in the truck already.

Yeah, I noticed. And thank you bb, much appreciated.

I hadn't spoken about Will and I's fight with anybody or even seen anyone since it happened, but I assume with the tone and volume of our voices, everyone else heard.

I stood up, taking a deep breath and grabbing both my backpack and my larger bag with my clothes and stuff in it and walked towards the door. It took me at least two minutes before I even put my hand on the handle.

3, 2 ... 1, with my countdown, I pulled the door open at one, trying not to let my eyes fall on him, but of course, they couldn't help it, and I found him sitting with Noah in his lap, scratching his tummy. If it wasn't for me feeling extremely sad, this would've melted me, but instead as his eyes quickly came to meet mine, I frowned and bent down, taking my cat from his hands, feeling my heart race when our hands touched. I picked up Noah and magically still managed to walk with my backpack and my case-like bag. "Don't touch anything that belongs to me, ever again" was all I said. It was all I needed to say before walking away and already feeling tears build up in my eyes. I left my bags outside Violet and Amelia's room and walked in to see them also packing, but they got dressed first.

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