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I was so thirsty, so filthy that my beast practically threw us into the creek. Thirst and exhausted. I could feel something in my mind stirring, I think someone was trying to link me but I was so tired still. The effects of the silver weren't totally worn off; once I got myself out of that damn collar my beast took over. He's rarely ever done that, only a few times that I can remember. Only when he knew I wasn't strong enough to manage.

But just washing the blood and dirt off of me made me feel better. The water itself felt amazing in my mouth, rushing through me and reviving me.


I felt my chest vibrate at the thought of his name. It was everything I had to not go back to that pack house and rip his heart out. He was delusional–he was vile. He wasn't an alpha of ours, not anymore.We would find a way–my beast rumbled in agreement, we were going to get to the bottom of everything.

For now though I was going to drink my weight in water I hadn't had and try to get the grime off of me. The water stung my neck as I sunk down into the creek–that damn silver had burned it raw. I groaned, it would be fine in a few days; it was more a pain in the ass than anything else.

At least it wasn't Charlotte. I couldn't handle that. Then we would have more than just a mess on our hands, we would have had bodies to bury.


I rubbed my face and tried to clear my brain. She was probably looking for me–shit, she and Evan were probably losing their shit.

Right as I tried to link her I felt it; I felt the feeling of her crawl over me. The hair on the back of my neck raising as my beast started to pace in my mind in delight of his female.

I heard a rumble from the treeline and bit back a smile. Quickly, I dunked under the water so I could get some of the muck completely off of me. I didn't want to get this filth all over her.

She neared and tingles ran over my back where her gaze was looking. I felt my chest vibrate in return as I turned to look at her; this beautiful creature with stormy blue eyes staring right back at me.


She walked out to me in the water, her dark cocoa fur looking almost black as it got wet. She made it out until the water was at her belly before she started to whimper for me. I let out a long sigh as I looked down to hide the smile on my face as the feeling of her veins felt like they were rolling over my skin like it was her own fingers.

I made it to her, her eyes watching me curiously while I rubbed her cheek before I gave her neck a soft scratch that she leaned into. She practically purred like a kitten; my beast crept forward I could feel him watching the scene unfold closely. We both wanted our female so bad it was painful at times, literally. I was so tired of cold showers...

She smelled so damn good. Maybe it was the silver still screwing with my brain or maybe it was because all I could think about was how other parts of her would smell, if her bare skin would smell like this too? Or would the valley between her breasts smell even more divine.

My cheek rubbed against hers, her fur was so stupid soft. That and I wanted my scent all over her; it was dangerous now and males needed to know who was going to kill them if they hurt her. Males specifically in mind that liked to collar their pack members...

I pulled away from her, something stirring in me that I was done denying. "Now, am I going to have to chase you up a tree this time?"

Her eyes widened before they filled with mischief that I loved. My beast was pawing in my mind, as much as I wanted to take her right here he didn't mind chasing her a little–I couldn't say he was wrong either. We both loved a good chase.

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