Teacher! Kyle x rebel! reader LEMON ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling THIS IS A LEMON!! BE WARNED~

~Your POV~

Today is bullshit! I have detention with Mr. Broflovski he is super hot... WHAT NO HE IS NOT!! What am I thinking?! But he is hot...NO, I shake my head in frustration.

I arrived at the classroom, I saw I was the only student there... Mr. Broflovski was at his deck, probably waiting for me...

I approached his desk, he looked at me, "Hello Miss (l/n), take a seat and take your book" he said I sighed and took the book out, he said "Now you are going to write lines saying 'i must listen to the teacher' for 2 pages of your book" I sigh again and start writing out the notes.

After an hour, I was almost done... when I saw Mr. Broflovski looking uncomfortable and trying to stay in control, I smirked and 'accidentally' dropped my pencil on the ground, I got out of my seat and making my back turn to Mr. Broflovski. I bend down and tried to grab my pencil I thought to myself 'lucky I wore my pants that make my ass standout' i felt footsteps behind me I stood back up and turned to face Mr. Broflovski. "(Y/n) you have to stop being a tease" he said making me look down and blush.

I saw his hard member try to get out of his pants, "(y/n) I've always had this feeling for you" he said looking into my eyes

"and what are those feelings, Sir? " I said leaning into his face

"Mostly Love and Lust," he said kissing me, I kissed back.

After our makeout session, he picked me up and drag me over to his desk, he sat me down on the desk. He left my lips and went to my breasts, he started massaging them through my clothes. I slightly moan bring at smirk to Mr. Broflovski's face, I took off my shirt and bra throwing them under the desk. Leaving my breasts exposed, Mr. Broflovski put his mouth around my nipple sucking it and massaging the other.

He did the same treatment to the other, I was a moaning mess. I started to feel really heated and I got off his desk and went to his desk, kneeling down near his member. I started teasing him through his pants, I put his pants on his knees and saw his large member dying to get out of his boxers.

I pulled down his boxers making his member spring out, I grabbed his shaft making him grunt. I put my mouth around his head, slowly bobbing my head. I heard a knock on the classroom door and I stopped what I was doing, Mr. Garrison said, "Hey kyle can you lock up for me, my show is on"

Mr Broflovski said while blushing "Y-yep no problem" I slowly started bobbing my head again

"Thanks, Kyle" Mr garrison said closing the door.

I began to go faster and he started moaning, I felt his member twitch in my mouth. I felt the sticky substance slide down my throat when I swallowed. I got up and Mr. Broflovski laid me down on the desk, I took off my pants and undies leaving me fully exposed.

He touched my womanhood feeling how wet I am, I took his finger out, "Well someone is excited" he said smirking. I felt his member at my entrance, he slowly pushed in making me moan

"Mr. Broflovski" I moaned

"call me kyle," he said quickly.

He started moving going faster and harder, my legs went weak while he pounded into me, we were moaning messes, the bubble in my stomach slowly appeared. He grabbed my breasts massaging them making me moan again.

The bubble is about to burst, I was close to. I moaned really loud making the bubble burst after a few thrusts kyle pulled out cumming over my chest. Kyle fell back in his chair, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

I was breathing heavily, kyle got up and wiped his cum off me, he helped me get dressed. And I helped his get dressed, I tried getting off the desk but fell onto the ground. I tried standing up but fail, kyle picked me up and took me to his car.

"Kyle, what does his make us?" I said

"(y/n) you are my student and girlfriend... but no one can know or we are both in trouble," he said looking at me, he leaned in and kissed me full of passion.

~Sorry if it suck~

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