LXVIII- The Branding Ceremony #2

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So I saw Fifty Shades Darker... If you're 18+ definitely watch it It's much better than the first ! I actually really liked it !
Christian Grey is just... Beautiful

Anyway... Enjoy :)


The pack waited in anticipation, waiting for Doc to see to Ellie before he gave the all clear to continue. Tears streamed down Ellie's cheek and she gripped onto a pack members arm as Doc tended to the burn, but other than that she looked okay.

She looked strong.

Ellie looked up at Indianna and smiled. "I'm brave," she mouthed and Indianna nodded.

"You were," Indianna murmured and turned to Brooke who was clutching Harry's hand tightly.

"It's fine," Brooke said to herself. "Just a little burn, small amount of pain, no biggie. You can do this, Brooklyn. Just take a deep breath, block out the pain. What pain? There's no pain. It's not going to hurt, it's not. You're going to be fine-"

Brooke gasped in surprise when Harry suddenly grabbed her and crashed his lips to hers, stopping her nervous babbling. "You were making me nervous," he grumbled and kissed her again.

"I wouldn't advise doing that to me," Indianna whispered as Greyson walked up behind her. His hands were hot when he placed them on her waist.

"And why is that?"

"I'll probably be sick in your mouth," Indianna admitted and even in her scared state she managed to chuckle. Greyson rolled his eyes and kissed Indianna's neck.

"I'm worried for Brooklyn," he said softly.

"She's strong," Indianna said.

"No, you're strong," Greyson argued. "Brooklyn isn't. She pretends. She bottles things up and doesn't talk about them. I'm surprised she's even taking part in the ceremony."

"It's because she is strong," Indianna said and turned round to face Greyson. "She's terrified, Greyson, but she's facing her fears and doing it. She's strong, she's brave, she's going to be fine."

Greyson pursed his lips and cupped Indianna's face. "I hope you're right," he said and gently kissed Indianna's forehead before stepping back. "Brooklyn," he called and Indianna's hearing picked up Brooklyn's heart beat that started to race. "You ready?"

A squeak came out of Brooklyn's mouth and she slowly walked over to the table with Harry right by her side. Indianna gulped and made her way over to Laura, Mark, Kirstie and Mac.

"How you holding up?" Kirstie asked quietly as Laura took Indianna's hand comfortingly.

Laura knew exactly how Indianna was holding up.

"I've been better," Indianna whispered.

"I'm sorry," Kirstie frowned and all attention went back to Greyson who was standing next to Brooke who was lying down on the table.

"Brooklyn Fox," Greyson called and the whole pack held their breath as Greyson hovered the searing iron rod over Brooke's hip. She squeezed her eyes shut as Greyson continued. "As the Warriors mate you not only require the branding of an Alpha, but Also of a Warrior."

Indianna looked at Harry who went rigid at the idea of hurting his mate.

"I'll do it as quickly as I can, babe," Harry whispered and quickly kissed Brooke before standing beside Greyson.

"As your Alpha, I officially welcome you to the pack," Greyson said and Indianna noticed a scar already on Brooke's side just as Greyson pressed the burning rod into Brooke's skin.

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