Hospital Visit

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Hey bloomers. A big snow storm again! So that means I got to finish up my next chapter! I just want to thank everyone who is reading this because it means the world to me. I'm almost at 2,000 reads! I'm going to put a pic of Leslie on the side. This chapter doesn't have to do with her, but I found the perfect pic for her.

Julia's POV

"Umm" Was the only thing to come out of my mouth. I was trembling, so I grabbed onto the counter for support, because I had only met Ben's wolf once. Back four years ago, we had training sessions and Ben, being the alphas son, was the leader. He could take down any wolf including some of the senior wolves. What would he do to me, if I told him she was gone? I know she is just hibernating, but I made a promise to myself to never bring her back.

"What do you mean she is gone?" Ben grabs my arm pulling me out of my thoughts.

"You're hurting me!" I say as I'm trying to remove his hand of my arm. His fingers were digging into my arm so tightly that I guarantee you all that my arm was already turning purple.

"Don't try to deflect my question!" He yells in my face while still not letting go of my arm, actually he is holding it tighter if that's even possible.

"Let Go Of Me!" I scream as Ben hauls me over his shoulder. What is with these men and hauling women over their shoulder? If they asked nicely I bet we would go with them.

Ben carries me up the stairs to his room and then tosses me on the bed. I start to scoot towards the headboard afraid that he might try to have sex with me in his blinding rage.

"Wait! Wait Ben! I will explain only if you turn back to normal." I ask in hast while pushing my hand forward to try to stop him.

It looks as if he is having a conversation with his wolf before turning back to normal. Once I see him turn back I let out this huge breath of air; I didn't even know I had held in. I still remain on the bed skeptical that at any moment he might turn back.

"Out with it!" Ben yells at me again. Then moves towards me on the bed.

"She is asleep right now and will be for a very long time." I explain to him.

"How is she even asleep?" Ben asked confused and once again he grabs my arm so I don't move away from him.

"While I was in New York I met a werewolf witch doctor/ therapist who did meditation treatments on me that made my wolf go to sleep. Ok!" I say while ripping my arm out of his grasp. Then I move quickly towards the door to leave, but of course Ben stops me.

"Move!" I try to shove past him, but he is built like a brick wall.

"No were not done talking!" He says while pushing me from the door.

"I told you already! What more do you want?" I scream at him.

"I want to know why and is their anyway to make your wolf come back!"

"Why do you even care?" I asked the one question I was dreading the most.

"Because..." Ben says but his voice became a lot softer.

"Because why? Because you want a fucking trophy mate now? Because you like to see me hurt? Because you like to take away my happiness? Because what Ben? I would really like to hear why." I scream reaching my breaking point.

Before he can utter anything out an unknown guy comes bursting in. "Alpha come quick Beta Conrad just had another seizure!"

"Alright I'm coming!" He says sounding frustrated. Then he turns back to me. "Are you coming?"

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