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(I AM SO EXCITED! JK, this is going to take forever. this computer keyboard hates me ;3)

(recap a roony 4 all y'all that skippeded)

You grin, and James's smile fades out.
"Why the hell does someone always have to interrupt my good times?!" He called angrily, messing with chat.
"James, calm down." You say, rubbing his back. "What's up?"
He grunted in anger. "HB's girl wants me to go answer the door. Fucks sake, can't she do it herself?"

You notice that he is starting to lean into your arms, and you set your chin on his shoulder.
"She really must be lazy." You comment.
"Not at all." He said in admiration. "She is taking care of Herobrine because he nearly died. He probably won't let her answer it."

You wait for a moment, watching his face. "I guess we'll have to continue this later." He said, getting his clothes back on.
You watch in disappointment as his self gets covered up by his white cloak. Following his actions, your both dressed in a matter of minutes.

Xora> HELP!

(end of recap)

"Shit!" James called angrily.

As you had seen may times before, the scenery around you changed as you were teleported. This time though, you appeared at the entrance of a mighty castle made of a few darkened blocks. It was grandiose in size, but the variety of blocks were anything if not secondhand to James's skills. You were impressed by the scaling though, as it would have taken a long time to build, especially in survival in the nether.

"What are you doing here?" The fully cloaked man was slightly behind you. "I didn't teleport you with me... Maybe I did." He contemplated. He stopped as you both saw a bald man in brown fly overhead and into the castle. "Too late now. Take this." He tossed you an iron sword with insane enchants on it. 

"I can't allow that." You hear as you run inside. Herobrine is on the floor, and a small teen is by his side. The bald man threw a potion, splashing its contents on the white-eyed legend. 

Someone who you couldn't recognise yelled "Oh shit!" You turn away as he starts convulsing.

"Why you little!" That same someone swung her sword wildly at the bald flying man. Entity smiles at you, and launches for him. You sigh, and rush at him as well, holding the sword at the ready. The man easily deflects the first few attacks, though the girl fights vigorously.
You watch as adrenaline pumps through you when James nears him. You know he'll be fine, but your concience doesn't agree.
"Don't let him go alone." It says, but your forced to ignore it. 

You hear the clang of metal, and see James and the man are at each other's throats. He with his fly-hacking, the man actually in the air. They pushed each other around with the force of their blows, destroying anything near them and whipping up a storm. You look back at the girl next to Herobrine, she seems to be in deep pain.

"Gah!" Everyone turns to see James backing away from the bald man (Notch is gonna be so pissed...)

'We lost.' comes your concience.

James falls to the ground, and you run to him. He has a bloody spot on his left arm, and it's dripping all over the floor. The bald man keeps talking, but you drown it all out, concentrated on the black-skinned man you had grown so attached to. He was holding his arm close to his body, getting red liquid on his clean white cloak.
He looks at you. "You look so stressed; it's cute."
You blush. "Not right now, your hurt."
"Hacker, remember?" A healing potion appears on the ground next to you, along with a rag. "Could you?" He asks politely.
You smile and nod your head.
His face was pained, but he didn't say a thing as you applied the mixture to his wound. It wasn't a perfect job, but it was good enough.
He was listening to the conversation, and his expressions brought you to believe that something really bad was happening.
"Goodbye Hero. Remember me." She said.

(😢 I'm so sad! Why did I write that?! "Goodbye Hero." I'll never see you again, bye! Why!?!?!? 😨😨😨)
(Also, sry the Chappie's so short, meant to make it longer; but ya know writer's block. Sry again, hope with wasn't as saddening for y'all as it was for meh. Also, the book that the crossover is based in is Breaking The Game: Minecraft Fanfiction. Go read! 'the girl's perspective is much better!)

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