Chapter Twenty Eight

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The ride back to the cabin was long and boring, there was barely any chat and the music coming from the radio all seemed to be extremely overplayed songs.

I was becoming extremely tired by the time the limo had stopped outside our semi-permanent home and hadn't noticed until Violet shook my shoulders a little bit.

"We're here" She laughed, grabbing my hand and pulling me out with her.

We all thanked the limo driver and smiled at him as he said it was his pleasure, and just after Will shook his hand, clearly trying to pass him a tip discreetly, which failed because we could all clearly see at least fifty dollars go from Wills large hands to the Drivers seemingly overworked hands.

Joe unlocked the door and we all piled inside, me being the first to take off my shoes and fall forward onto the couch, remembering that if I fell back, I'd most likely hurt my tattoo.

"I'm so tired" I whined as I heard Cam say something about moving the second double bed back to the room he shares with Olivia.

"Don't worry, princess, Cam and I will deal with it" Will said, running his hand up and down my back before standing up from his previous position beside me and going to help Cam with the bed.

Amelia then took his place, sighing as she sat down and took her shoes off, almost moaning at the feeling of having her feet free, making me laugh as I understood her pain, I think all of us girls did.

"I don't think I have ever been so full in my whole life" Violet whined, moving my legs to sit where I was previously lying down.

"Me too" I sighed, half asleep now.

"Where's Olivia?" I heard Cam's voice question from behind the couch.

"Probably in the bathroom" Amelia shrugged, turning on the TV and looking through the channels for something to watch.

It was only now that I realised Joe and Hunter were also sitting on one of the couches, both with the top buttons of their shirts undone and their shoes off. Clearly, all of us were exhausted.

I heard a toilet flush and stood up, deciding that I was desperate for a pee.

I walked quickly, my bare feet making light noises against the hardwood flooring. Just as I reached the bathroom, Olivia stepped out, and I smiled at her, in which she returned with a small tired looking smile and a nod.

I sighed in satisfaction as I sat down on the toilet, noticing now that I hadn't even shut the door right in my rush to sit down, and just as I finished peeing, the door opened and Violet walked in, not noticing me until the door was closed, "Holy shit" She screeched, laughing afterwards. "I got the fright of my life," She said, sitting down on the toilet now was I stood and washed my hands.

"I feel like getting drunk" I sighed, turning around to face her and she flushed the toilet.

"Me too" She smiled mischievously, following me back out of the bathroom to see everyone sitting around the TV, all still in their fancy clothes from tonight, apart from Olivia who was now in her pyjamas.

"We wanna get wasted" I stated, standing in front of the TV smiling widely at everyone else.

"Who's we?" Hunter asked, looking at me. I turned to look beside me to see that Violet wasn't standing beside me like I had thought, she was standing behind the couch.

"Violet and I" I grinned at him.

"And you're telling us, why?" Joe asked, raising an eyebrow.

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