7. Revealed Secrets

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Zayn snatched my hand up as we walked out of the tour bus, and I rolled my eyes. He just grinned at me, but I couldn't deny that the sparkle in his eyes as he gave me that perfect smile made me smile as well. My heart warmed and butterflies fluttered aimlessly in my stomach as he pulled me closer to his side, entwining our fingers as we walked towards the Wal Mart we would be doing a cd signing at. The crowd behind us screamed their heads off at the sight of us - the were the ones who couldn't gain access to the signing, but they still came to see us.

I smiled at waved at them, as did the boys. When we got into the store, workers shook our hands and, being a bit panicked, lead us through the hallways. I held in my laughter as they all fidgeted with their work shirts, probably feeling uncomfortable at the presence of International super-band One Direction. After taking our seats in the small room where we would be signing cd's, fans were allowed in. The screaming started instantly as they filled in the five rows of waiting until Paul, the boys' bodyguard, let the first few come down the line.

The signing consisted of a lot of signatures and girls asking the guys and myself for requests. When they gave us a present, we took it and smiled, putting it in a box behind us so we could sort it out on the tour bus later. Usually girls asked the guys for a hug, high five, or kiss on the cheek if not the opportunity to touch their hair or something as silly as that.

"I'm hungry," Niall complained from my left; Zayn on my right.

I agreed easily, signing a copy of the boy's album with my bonus tracks. "Yeah, same. Are we allowed to send someone for food?"

Louis glanced at me with a grin. "Someone just gave me carrots. Want some?"

"Yes!" Niall and I choroused.

The rest of the signing, people continued with their requests. Most took videos, but a lot of people snapped photos of each of us - although I did notice how people would practically shove their phones right between Zayn and I, snapping a photo of us. Eventually, Zayn noticed too, and chuckled before slinging an arm around my shoulders somewhat mockingly.

When the signing was over, we had to basically hide out in Walmart before the police and body guards declared it was safe to leave. That meant looking in the presents box, which I loved to do. Even though there were a lot of presents given to us and most of them were for the boys, I absolutely adored seeing the things that fans had taken the time to make for me or even bought for me. I mean, how much better can fans get?

So I discreetly rummaged through the box of presents, picking out a few things I remember recieving. Niall came up behind me and stuck his hand in the box, picking up a beaded green bracelet before slipping it on. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow and he sent me a smile, his other hand playing with the new bracelet on his wrist.

"A girl in a cute fringe shirt gave this to me," Niall told me, probably smiling because of the memory. "It had her number on it. I forget it though."

My heart warmed, and I smiled sweetly. "That's so cute. Why didn't you write down her number so you could call her?"

He shrugged. "She lives here. I live in another country. Long distance like that doesn't work out."

I frowned after Niall as he toyed with the bracelet on his wrist, walking away and over to Harry and Liam. Did the guys feel like this often? Watching them, I saw Niall talk about something before the guys pointed out the bracelet, softened expressions dawning on their features, looking understanding. Wow. The guys actually shared the lonely feeling together?

"Trying to steal all the good presents?" A familiar voice asked from above me.

I stood up and whipped around, smiling sheepishly at Zayn who smirked. "Just trying to remember what I had gotten and what I didn't."

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